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What Is Unique About Natural Cannabis Seeds?

When talking about regular cannabis seeds, we mean non feminized cannabis seeds. Marijuana is an old species of flora and since its beginnings, both male and female counterparts have come together to form seeds and subsequent generations. It wasn’t until the 90’s that feminized seeds vs regular even became a question. Cannabis seeds in their natural form are not feminized, are not crossed with ruderalis in order to autoflower and, because of these facts, they are considered pure.

Though regular seeds inherently carry the genes to pop either a male or a female plant, whatever a single seed chooses to do, that plant will be stronger. If the plant turns out to be female, it will not only be stronger, but will tend to be more potent and higher-yielding than any modified seeds, unless the strain has been specifically modified for the harvest.

Regular or natural seeds are also crucial to the breeding process. Since the 60’s with the advent of Haze and Maui Wowie and the 70’s with DJ Short Blueberry, there has been a massive increase in bud breeding. These incredible creatures came to fruition through breeding, crossbreeding and inbreeding of a number of landrace sativas and, in the case of Blueberry, the introduction of indica.

Regular cannabis seeds are necessary to produce heirloom varieties, breeding new strains and they are required to maintain the purity of landrace varieties which, for the most part, are beginning to go the way of the dinosaur. Weed Seeds, The Home of Natural Cannabis Seeds in the U.S., is dedicated to maintaining a variety of regular seeds, bred for their genetic strength and purity and which, for all intents and purposes, are as close as we can possibly get to the historical taproot of the cannabis plant.

Where Can I Buy Natural Marijuana Seeds?

Those looking for natural seeds are certainly not searching male cannabis seeds for sale. When anyone searches for regular seeds, they mean the real deal original seeds, free of genetic modification.

Recent years have seen a flooding of the market and there are a lot of companies out there pushing a lot of different seeds. There are so many that navigating the labyrinth can be crazy-making. There are a few companies in America and overseas which have built a solid reputation for housing the best seeds in the world, bred over time to be pure in their genetics and true to their description. Weed Seeds USA is dedicated to providing the most reliable and genetically pure seeds available. We find the best breeders and select their finest seeds so that we can make these labours of love available to the masses in their truest forms.

No matter what breed you are looking for, Contact US For Regular Seeds. The quality, the viability and the customer satisfaction guarantee are all good, all the time, so we are happy and proud to serve Canada and the U.S. with some of the finest seeds money can buy.

Top 5 Regular Marijuana Strains For Beginners

Learning to grow weed is not an easy enterprise. In fact, marijuana is such a finicky beast that beginners may look to autoflowering or feminized seeds for an easy intro. Also, regular autoflower seeds are regular seeds, and are bred using pollen in just the same manner as any other regular breeding process.

Afghani regular seeds and Durban Poison Regular seeds are non-feminized, non-autoflowering seeds of landrace strains which are fantastic intro projects. Those beginners looking to try growing one of the strongest weeds in the world may like to try Wedding Cake regular seeds, WiFi OG, or Blueberry, an Afghani-sativa hybrid. Now these are strong strains, guaranteed to be powerhouses of productivity and certain to put any beginner to the test. Big Bud and Northern Lights #5 are also grower’s dreams and are serious old-school West Coast strains, great for the nostalgic grower.

Though there is no such thing as Guaranteed Feminized Seeds, we have heaps of female seeds for those growers who would rather not have to sex a crop. But if you really want to start out your cannabis cultivation journey on the right track, check out regular seeds and do what our ancestors have done for thousands of years.

How To Properly Germinate Your Regular Cannabis Seeds

Germinating regular seeds is absolutely no different that germinating any other kind of seed. There are, however, a couple things not to do. If you wish to see successful germination of your new magic seeds, do not soak them too long, do not keep them drenched and do not plant them too deep. Aside from these don’ts, there are a few proven do’s.

The paper towel method is probably the most popular. Moisten a paper towel and lay it over a plate. Space your seeds out in the middle and fold the paper towel over them. Make sure that it is well-moistened, but nor soaked or sitting in a puddle which will rot your seeds before they have a chance. Store this little package in a cupboard or some other dark place and maintain moisture over the next couple of days. When the taproot pokes through the casing, the seed is ready to be planted. Plant root-down and add a few drops of water.

Another method of germination through which growers have seen success is the overnight soak. Place your seeds in a small glass of water and place it in the dark overnight. Viable seeds should suck up enough moisture to sink, though in some cases it can take an extra couple of hours. Whatever the situation, the seed-casing will rupture, and the taproot will start to peek through. When this happens, plant root-down and add a few drops of water.

Still another successful method of germination is to direct-sow your seeds. As a general rule, you never plant a weed seed deeper than your first knuckle. A simple divot in the soil will be deep enough for your marijuana seeds, so place the seed and sprinkle some more soil over it, but do not bury the poor thing too deep. Add a few drops of water, maintaining moisture in the soil and, within a few days, the seeds should pop.

Different Ways To Grow Your Natural Marijuana Seeds

There is literally no difference in cultivating regular weed seeds vs feminized. As long as you have germinated your seeds properly and they have popped without a hitch, the next steps are identical for all strains.

Until the first set of fan-leaves emerges, your seedling requires little light and lots of humidity. Maintaining 70F and 75% rH for the first couple weeks is common practice and, once your new plant shows signs of strong growth, turn the lights up and start training.

There are a few methods of training utilized in growing marijuana. You can plant outside and let the thing go nuts, as has been common practice for thousands of years. If you have the length of season, some sativas have been known to yield as much as a few pounds per plant. For commercial operations looking for fast flowering and tight turnaround employ the Sea of Green (SOG) method, though, for this to work, you generally use clones.

The Screen of Green (ScrOG) is a fantastic way to train weed because the grower can maximize the yields of their plants while balancing health and potency of the buds. In order to correctly execute this training, your plant is topped early and a screen is placed over the cut site. As the branching emerges, it is woven through the mesh or screen to create a horizontal growth-plane. Subsequent branching can be topped and woven as the process continues. When the screen is full, the crop is flipped over into flowering. The buds get even lighting and a carpet of balanced green is the harvest.

Growing Basics For Natural Seed Cultivators

As far as growing basics goes, you can’t buy male cannabis seeds; in fact, there is no such practice as sexing seeds. No matter how you slice it or what you’re looking for, however, growing regular weed seeds does not mean growing regular weed and the fact that a regular seed may sprout a male or a female is just part of the deal.

No matter what type of pea you pop, there are nine things which are necessary to the survival of any plant. These aspects of the environment have been studied by Bruce Bugbee, bud botanist at Utah State University. They can make for a healthy or an unhealthy grow and are definitive in nature. These nine things are: Light, Wind, Humidity, Temperature, Water, Soil Temperature, Soil Humidity, Oxygen and Nutrients. Hydro setups break the soil rule, but the term can be matched to ‘medium’.

These environmental characteristics work in unison and must be in balance if the grower is to see a healthy harvest. We generally aim for ambient temperature and humidity readings of 75F and 50-60%, respectively, for most of the grow. A small boost in soil temperature will serve the development of roots and it being moist rather than wet allows for oxygen exchange which is imperative for root health.

A breeze and ambient humidity increases the efficiency of what is called vapour pressure deficit (VPD) which is the rate at which a plant respires. Plants take in CO2, convert it to energy and release Oxygen through a process called photosynthesis and, for this to function efficiently, the VPD must be correct. There are many charts and catalogues of experience available to assist in understanding this process.

It is necessary for those growing marijuana in containers to add nutrients, no matter what the medium. Wait until your plants are at least two weeks old or are showing signs of deficiency and start feeding at half strength. This will insure against overdose and lockout and will make learning your plant’s needs a little easier.

For those beginner growers who would like their experience to move a little faster, we have Autoflower Regular Seeds. These are not regular seeds, per se, because they have been modified, but will still pop both males and females all the same.

Training Your Natural Marijuana Plants For High Yields

Dialing-in the environment is just the first half of growing weed indoors and, if you want great yields, training is just as important. If your environment acts as ordered and you have the seeds to plant, it is important to choose a growing or training style before getting started.

If you want a fast turnaround, it would be wise to plant lots of regular seeds. Choose a couple of powerful females to keep as mothers and take clones from them to let play in a Sea of Green (SOG). This means you can have a perpetual harvest of weed with each cycle matured in about the time it takes to parent an autoflower.

Another popular form of training which when executed properly can deliver double the yield of any untrained plant is the Screen of Green (ScrOG). This concept was developed by Wolf Segal out of Portland while he was serving time for a 12,000+ plant sea of Green arrest back in ‘89. He thought that to spread the plants out under a screen in longer vegging cycles would increase yields and decrease the number of plants necessary to achieve them. Since then, this method of cultivation has become the standard for home grows and flows throughout commercial sectors as well.

If you are lucky enough to have the perfect outdoor climate for growing, then you have the opportunity to see some serious harvests. Some outdoor strains have been known to get to be the size of a small outbuilding and a well-grown outdoor yield will land around 3-5 pounds of top-quality ganja, sometimes more. The Durban Poison we mentioned earlier makes a great outdoor strain, as does Super Skunk and Big Bud.

Benefits Of Growing Marijuana With Regular Seeds

The benefits of regular weed seeds are many and growing them can be a truly fun and rewarding experience.

Firstly, these seeds are pure. Though many phenotypes of many strains exist today, regular seeds will sprout a plant sporting characteristics closer to those intended than any modified seed.

Secondly, these plants are stronger and better equipped to handle weather, pests and disease and are also more tolerant of stress.

Thirdly, growing these seeds outdoors, if you have the climate, can mean some of the most massive yields you might have ever seen. Training in an indoor environment is one thing but if you really want to see weed thrive, give it some real sunshine.

Also, we need both male and female seeds in order to breed great strains and these pop at about a 50/50 rate. This way, you can choose a good mother and take clones, collect pollen from males, and if you’re feeling so inclined, take the strongest male and female examples and develop your own phenotype.

Challenges When Growing Marijuana With Regular Seeds

Though there are many clear benefits to growing regular marijuana seeds, healthy reward always comes with healthy risk.

As to whether you are going to see a male or a female plant out of a regular seed, that is a bit of a crapshoot. Approximately half the time, you are going to find, after weeks or months of training, that you have a male or males in the mix. This can be disconcerting for the new grower, even those with experience, because early parenting and training takes work and dedication.

Aside from the male/female debate, all of the issues one might face in a feminized or autoflower grow come inherent with populating your room with regular seeds as well. Overwatering, underwatering, nutrient overdose, lockout or deficiency, light temperatures and VPD – these are all inherent weed issues.

Because of the strength of regular seeds, many growers who have experience pushing the boundaries of botany pump up the temperature and start adding CO2. If you know what you are doing, then go to town! You are most likely going to have award-level buds to boast of. For those who do not know what they are doing, you may heat-stress your plants and end up poisoning your home’s environment. Always do your research when working with chemical exchanges. Growing weed shouldn’t be dangerous, and you can reduce any risks by being educated.

Creating The Ideal Climate For Growing Cannabis Naturally

If you want to know how to grow good weed from regular seeds, you have to know about the environment. Ganja grows all over the world, so it fits that different weeds have different climatic needs and to know your strain’s individual requirements will get you that much closer to winning whopping yields.

Weed likes the perfect summer day and, if you can create and maintain that, then your crop is going to remain a happy one. 75F and around 50-60% humidity is ideal for cannabis, for the majority of its lifecycle and in order to achieve this you will need a few things in advance.

A dedicated room or tent is crucial. On top of that, you need the right lights for vegging and flowering and some of the newer LED’s can accomplish both quite nicely. Humidifiers will most likely be necessary in order to maintain an effective atmosphere and, in rare cases, a heater or an air conditioner might be necessary as well. Fans are 100% crucial in order to keep the air moving, and you will also need overall ventilation.

The ventilation system you choose should be able to exchange the air in the room 2-3 times per minute, or more, and is made up of a number of parts. The fan, ducting and carbon filter. These three components work together not only to take the old air out of the room or tent, but to clean it along the way, removing airborne particles and blocking smells.

When you have all of these components dialed-in, you will have the perfect climate for marijuana to flourish. 75-80F, 50-60% rH, around 35-45mol, lots of nutrients, moist soil and a nice breeze and you’ll be golden.

Natural Pest Problems When Growing Marijuana

The difference between feminized and regular weed seeds doesn’t matter when dealing with pests. Though many insects are beneficial and in an outdoor grow these things will take care of themselves for the most part, there is not a weed in this world which hasn’t, at some point in its history, dealt with pests.

Like we say, outdoor grows will always see pests and disease, but in the wild, there are systems in place so that these issues generally balance out. Inside, however, we are the masters and, if we have allowed a pest situation to develop in our home, tent or commercial space, we are the only ones around to do anything about it.

Pot-popular pests include Spider-Mites, Thrips, Fungus Gnats, Aphids, Whitefly, and harmful soil nematodes (not to be confused with the beneficial ones we use to control fungus gnat larvae). There are dozens of treatment solutions available and lots of them are natural, including applying Ladybugs or a Praying Mantis to take care of mites or aphids. Diatomaceous Earth is another topical application you can use to protect your crop from mites, thrips and gnats.

So, you have to keep your grow clean. If you make a mess, you are inviting insects. Just like in your kitchen, when you leave organic matter lying around and it attracts flies, if you enter your grow space with outside stuff on you or if you leave your clippings or dirt lying around, there will be trouble. It is much easier to prevent these things than it is to ghost them, so be careful.

Following A Natural Growing Schedule For Marijuana

Save your autoflowering strains, marijuana naturally grows with the changing seasons. Here we are talking about photoperiod seeds and the necessity to mimic this natural phenomenon in a controlled environment if you are going to see success.

We always start our cannabis crop on either a 24/7 (all the time), a 20/4 or an 18/6 lighting schedule. This imitates the long days of Spring and Summer through which our plants will grow. Once the light of Summer begins to wane and the days get shorter, outdoor crops are triggered into their flowering periods, during which time they grow seeds or that sticky bud we all covet.

In order to make this happen inside, light temperature needs to shift from blue to red or, in the cases of newer LED’s, no shift in light temperature is necessary. What is always necessary when growing anything but an autoflower is to shift that 18/6 or 20/4 schedule to one of 12/12 and no light whatsoever can leak in during dark hours or you may get hermies. That’s 12 hours on and 12 hours off and it is absolutely crucial that, once ‘flipped’, the schedule be strictly maintained.

It is also important to pay attention to temperature when the lights go out. Though we need to keep those fans going, having one of your direct-breeze fans flip off with the lights may be a good idea. This will help to insure against any major temperature dives which will ultimately be harmful to the crop.

Providing The Right Nutrients To Your Regular Pot Plants

The natural world cycles through its processes solely because of the nutrients absorbed and released through birth, growth, death and decay. When plant and animal matter dies and decays, it releases certain nutrients, the rocks and sand in soils absorb and release nutrients and the water flowing through it all absorbs and releases nutrients. In order to maintain a healthy crop of cannabis, these processes must be present and managed correctly.

There are three types of nutrients which must be present in the soil or growing medium. 1) Macronutrients: these are primarily Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) and show up on amendment packaging as an N-P-K ratio like 4-4-4 (vegging) or 2-8-4 Flowering. 2) Secondary or Micro-nutrients: these are Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur and your plants will beg for these on a regular basis. 3) Trace or Tertiary Elements: Zinc, Iron, Boron, Chlorine, Manganese, etc.

Your crop is going to need all of these at different levels at different times in its life-cycle and it is up to the grower to get it right. There are numerous deficiency charts out there and helpful experience can be found on social media, as long as you’re willing to put up with a laugh or two as well.

Growing Your Regular Pot Seeds Organically

Knowing how to grow regular weed seeds organically is something everyone who cares about our environment should be happy to jump on board with. Chemical agriculture has been poisoning our planet for long enough and, if you want the best weed out there, you’ll want to get in line with maintaining an organic environment for your crops.

Growing organic weed doesn’t necessarily mean that you are always growing in soil, though a healthy living organic super soil will always grow better weed. Knowing how to build and balance your supersoil through the use of teas and amendments is key to maintaining the microlife in the soil and to growing killer organic weed.

Those who have grown up preferring aquaponic systems are not excluded from going organic. Some argue that aquaponics (hydro, DWC) can be more sustainable, water and cost-effective and more predictable than organic soil grows. Where hydro has historically been linked to inorganic chemicals, many great buds have been cultivated using organic hydro methods for years now and a certified organic sticker is seen more and more on hydroponically grown produce throughout North America.

For some Un Sexed 420 Ganja Seeds designed to give your organic afternoon toke the best shot possible, drop us a line at Weed Seeds.

Tools & Supplies Needed To Grow Regular Cannabis Plants

After you select and buy regular cannabis seeds to try your hand at, depending on whether you plan to grow inside or outside, there are a few other pieces of equipment which are necessary to producing great green.

Inside, you will need a dedicated space like a room or tent with its own climate control. You will need pH meters, TDS meters, lights, multiple fans, ventilation, timers, cords and surge-protectors, pest-control and prevention tactics, nutrients, calendars for scheduling, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, bubblers and aquarium heaters for making teas and aerating your water. All of these things are necessary in order to have your grow go smoothly and skimping on quality is not recommended.

Outside, you are going to need a bright, sunny, protected and breezy location, preferably away from salty ocean air. You will need good soil and, in more Northern climates, you may need to supply a greenhouse for extending the season. Really, if you are planning on letting your weed be free, you will need space and most municipalities need that space to be inaccessible to minors and out of public view.

Inside or outside, you will require quality pruning tools. Secateurs, shears and smaller clippers are part and parcel in gardening. Come time to harvest, you are going to need a dark space where you can maintain 70F and 60% humidity with lots of breeze for drying. For curing, you will need wide-mouth mason jars or bell jars. Mini hygrometers are a bonus for curing, so you aren’t left guessing the humidity and Boveda humidity packs have made a major splash for their handiness in maintaining a perfect curing and storage environment.

Common Problems When Growing With Regular Seeds

To buy regular weed seeds and to have all the gear in place is just one small step for the grower. A few months to a year is a long time to have to parent a crop and lots can go wrong between seedling and smoke.

Pot, as with any aspect of life, will always find ways to balance out. Whereas with feminized seeds, you have to worry about hermaphrodites, with regular seeds, you will always face the risk of males and the need to detect them early. This so you can separate them from the females, either to collect the male pollen or to wipe those boys out. We do this in order to protect our female crop from fertilization. This nurtures the bud health and potency which we would otherwise sacrifice in the name of seed production, which is something our breeders choose to do for us on the regular. This male/female equation is inherent with all-natural seed grows. It is the number one issue with growing regular seeds and is something to be accepted and to have a plan for.

Aside from either separating the males out of a crop for breeding purposes, to protect the ladies or both, regular seed growing is about the same experience as a feminized grow. You still have the photoperiod training and flips, you still have to feed, water and prune your crop and the drying and curing processes are the same, depending on your tastes.

Overall, there are many more benefits to regular seeds than there are bombs and to grow them can be quite an enriching experience.

Grow Regular Cannabis Seeds In Soil

Whether you like regular or feminized seeds, autoflowers, budding or breeding, the growing medium is important to get right. In order for soil to be all it can be, it needs to have healthy and active microlife, which thrives on nutrients both soluble and suspended. Building your soil from the ground up so you know what is in it and in what ratios is recommended and, when it is out of balance, your plants will tell you.

If you have a good recipe and have put together and composted a healthy soil, all it should require are teas to boost the microlife. Because most times there are two transplants to perform throughout the life of a cannabis plant, we can tune our soils to be perfect for both vegging and flowering. Otherwise, fertilizer spikes, top-dressings and tea combinations are the norm. Ideally, our soil has everything in it necessary for the plants to eat what they want, when they want. We achieve this by amending with suspended, slow-release sources of nutrients for the plant to access when necessary.

Any route you decide to take in your soil grow, there will be bugs. If your soil is dialed-in and your environment is clean, chances are that the insects you encounter will be beneficial and balance themselves out.

It is also common practice to recycle your soil. A well-built, time-tested, properly-amended soil is the gardener’s best friend and, if you’re running a worm-compost as well, the root-balls are some of a red-wiggler’s favorite food!

Growing Regular Weed Seeds In Alternative Media

As you well know, there are a lot of different ways to grow and train weed, multiple environments in which different strains thrive and multiple mediums in which they can grow and flourish.

One name most growers are familiar with is hydroponics. An aquaponics setup can be one of the cleanest and most eco-friendly solutions out there, or it can be a chemical mess. The choice is up to the grower, but in recent decades, those running plumbing have been producing seriously huge yields of some fantastic organic green. For those who think it’s easier to grow hydro, think again. Nutrients are constantly running through the roots and must be tuned just right, there can’t be too much water nor too little and, if you are running a closed system, the whole thing has to be flushed and thoroughly cleaned on the regular.

Another medium which has gained in popularity in recent years is coco coir. This is a cheap and reliable medium which, when partnered with good nutrients and stable aeration materials, makes a great base for weed. Coco coir carries with it many salts which, if not rinsed out thoroughly first, build up and destroy grows. There are many coirs, especially those coming from companies specializing in marijuana horticulture, which come pre-rinsed and these are recommended, so make sure you check. Coir also rots very quickly, but it composts well, and recycling is always a more eco-friendly practice.

It should also be mentioned here that too much peat is no good either. This can drive pH way down, generating an inhospitable environment for your plant’s roots. Knowing your medium is important. Experimentation is helpful. Always check with those who have tried it and seen success. Your experience will be smoother for it.

Grow Natural Pot Seeds Indoors

Indoor cultivation was originally a side-effect of the War on Drugs. Due to choppers flying overhead, wrecking the commune grow-shows of the early Emerald Triangle, growers were forced to take the show inside. Between America and the Netherlands, whom the weed world has to thank for their numerous innovations, we have a plethora of indoor information available so cultivators today can see real success.

If you are planning on keeping the males you find, or are into breeding, it is necessary to have separate rooms, so that you don’t accidentally go pollinating your bud crop. If you only want the buds, then it is crucial that you remove males as soon as you can possibly sex them, in order to maintain an unfertilized crop.

Knowing your strain is also crucial. Planning feeding and training schedules according to the life-cycle of your chosen bud is a practice which pays-off in the end. Ideally, you will have planned everything around the characteristics of your chosen strain.

Whether you are growing by soil, coir, hydro or some other means, you need to keep the environment clean. Inside your room or tent should be spotless as should be all areas around your grow space. Many growers will even change clothes and shoes before entering their grow and in professional or commercial operations, to remain spotless is a requirement of the job.

If you have your ducks in a row and you are into heavy-hitters, our Regular 710 Weed Seeds are designed to provide powerhouse weed, perfect for extracts and which respond very well to indoor cultivation.

Growing Natural Ganja Seeds Outdoors

To get your Natural Weed Seeds right, three questions need to be answered. What path does the sun take? Where is the water coming from? And what strains make sense given my environmental conditions?

Understanding your environment is just the first part of outdoor growing. Picking the right strains to match that environment is the next step. Do you need something mold and mildew resistant? Are pests going to become a problem? If so, how are you prepared to deal with them? Do you need a faster strain, or do you have the time to pull off a 15-week sativa? These and so many other questions need to be asked and answered before it makes sense to start an outdoor grow.

Like any indoor operation, a healthy growing medium is crucial. Some outdoor growers dig out a large hole to act as a type of container and fill it with their own marijuana-specific soil blend. Others build raised beds and utilize lasagna gardening and compost. Either way, permaculture practices always make for a healthier planet and you can be sure that all that microlife in the soil, working at peak efficiency, is working wonders for your weed.

Before getting into planting huge caches of cannabis in the garden, it is wise to investigate your local regulations. Throughout Canada and the U.S., the standard is for a grow to be locked up and out of view. However, regulations differ throughout different municipalities, so it helps to check.

Grow Regular Marijuana Seeds For Breeding Purposes

Thanks to the amazing diversity of weed we get to enjoy, breeding these potent and tasty critters is fun and exciting, though it does take a lot of work.

Breeding is a funny business. Because there are so many different genetics in strains today, many of them are unpredictable and it takes someone who really knows what they’re doing in order to stabilize a new strain. Sometimes it can take years to get a strain just right, stabilized and ready enough for market. But when the flock comes together, there is every reason to celebrate.

You might have heard the term ‘F1’. This means that the combination of two landrace or inbred strains has been accomplished and is ready for processing to F2, which is the offspring of the F1 and is the second link in the chain. Those breeding hybrids really have their work cut out for them. Because of the incredible genetic diversity present in hybrids, generating a stable polyhybrid takes some real mastery, though the final product will always be capable of projecting characteristics associated with any ancestral link.

Firstly, you are going to need a lot of space and a few separate rooms or tents which must be quarantined from the rest. You will need a cloning area, vegging area, seedling area and a flowering space, plus all of the practical workspace required to utilize the rooms or tents. Once you have your spaces mapped out and set up, then choose your strains and start planting seeds. Find a strong Mother and start taking clones in order to develop the strongest specimens of both male and female plants. Collect the pollen and start your crosses.

There is tonnes of information available from a multitude of professional breeding sites and, when you think you’re ready to start, we have Wholesale Regular Seeds available so you never have to worry whether you’ve got enough to do the job.

Growing Regular CBD Seeds

Weed Seeds USA is dedicated to providing the highest-quality seeds for all purposes, but we especially respect the level of living hell which some of our citizens here and to the North must go through every day of their lives.

The past few decades of growing lenience and support have brought much relief for physical and psychological sufferers in this country and around the world. The more universities and private organizations study the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, THC and THCv, the more patients have to celebrate. It is important when choosing which medicine to grow, that you look for strains which make up for whatever lack you are experiencing in your health. The better we are all informed of the vast array of benefits, the better we can help our fellow human beings. Terpenes also play a large role in promoting health and wellness and it pays to choose wisely in order to see some balance in an otherwise unbalanced existence.

Once you have chosen your strains, it helps to know a thing or two about gardening. If you are not a natural green-thumber, don’t worry, there are endless resources available to you and, hopefully some of our advice can help along the way. For those who are already hip to horticulture, we hope you are enjoying your experiences while parenting your medicinal crop.

There are heaps of different strains out there, designed to assist all types of disorders. Weed Seeds has all the Natural CBD Seeds any home grower could hope to harvest, with CBD:THC ratios ranging from 1:1 to 25:1, so there is something for everyone.

Finding The Best Regular Marijuana Seeds Online

Those looking for the best weed seeds in the land definitely aren’t searching male weed seeds for sale. Regular seeds for sale which are guaranteed to please need to come from a reputable distributor, and Weed Seeds USA is delivering top-quality seeds all over Canada and the U.S.

We are no regular seed bank and our American Natural Seeds are guaranteed to satisfy growers of all experience levels. So, hop on over to our product lineup and take a look. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and, when you are ready, let us know what you want and we will confirm your order, take secure payment and have your seeds out to you in as little as a week. Because of the pandemic crisis, delivery times may vary, but don’t worry, they will always get there!

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