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Marijuana, aka Mary Jane, has been a staple of American culture over the last 50 years, and thankfully the production of this harmless herb is now largely separated from the crime and violence that once ruled the trade. More than half of the individual states have now decriminalized marijuana, and at least 17 have made it fully legal. Acquiring seeds is also easier than it once was, where you may only have a choice from a handful of strains from a guy that your friend knows. Now you can choose from hundreds of different genetic varieties, some old and some new.

At our marijuana seed bank, you can find all of the latest feminized and autoflowering options, but we also help fulfill the niche of old school growers who want to grow regular seeds. By regular, we mean that the seeds are unsexed. This retains the excitement involved in hunting down your male plants early in the growth phase and separating them from your females. Although it may seem like an unnecessary challenge, there are certain benefits that go along with growing regular seeds.

When you buy marijuana seed that is unsexed, it gives you the freedom to play with your own controlled pollination events, giving rise to brand new strain combinations. This is a great novice-level endeavour as it does take a careful eye to control the males when growing for recreational buds. You basically need to monitor the pre-flowers for small banana shaped sacs that lie under the branch’s node. As you may have experienced, the cannabis family of plants is anything but regular. Even the natural thoroughbred varieties that grow in the road-side ditches of India will get you high if you smoke enough of it. We invite you to try our incredible selection of regular marijuana seeds that can satisfy every taste and budget.

If its time for you find the perfect marijuana seeds for sale then please look below. Our marijuana strains when germinated and planted can produce flowers that are used to smoke, process into concentrates or use as edibles.

We stock both unsexed and feminized cannabis seeds for your convenience. If you want to go phenotype hunting grab the non-feminized. If you want fat buds and heavy yields for personal consumption go for female.

Whatever your poison, Weed Seeds USA is here to be your solution for buying marijuana seeds online.

What Are Marijuana Seeds?

Marijuana seeds are produced by female cannabis plants. Unfortunately, allowing marijuana flowers to go to seed is bad business when it comes to ensuring the strength, taste, and aroma of the bud is on-point. That’s why most growers opt to buy American marijuana seeds online.

In the wild, cannabis plants produce seeds as a means of propagation. The female marijuana plants are pollinated by male hemp plants to produce seedy buds. These seeds are then dropped to the ground or carried away by animals to begin the next generation of cannabis the following spring.

How Are Marijuana Seeds Made?

In the wild, marijuana plants produce seeds after being pollinated by nearby hemp plants. The seeds then fall to the ground or are transported by critters to new environments, where they will germinate at the beginning of the next season. The problem is the plants that grow from wild seeds typically have low THC concentrations and less-than-ideal flavor and scent profiles. They don’t produce the kind of bud that consumers might actually want to smoke.

The marijuana seeds for sale at reputable seed banks are different. They’ve been carefully selected for genetic viability and come from established strains with stable genetics. That means when growers purchase seeds from Weed-Seeds, they’ll know exactly what kind of buds will be produced.

What Types of Marijuana Seeds Are There?

Even casual consumers know that every strain of marijuana is different. Indicas tend to produce stronger body highs, while sativas make people feel more energized and creative. High-THC strains are stronger. They’re used to produce recreational marijuana seeds that pack a real punch. 710 marijuana seeds grow dense, sticky bud that’s perfect for creating concentrates. High-CBD strains tend to have less THC and a more balanced cannabinoid profile, making them perfect for therapeutic uses.

What most casual consumers don’t realize is that most of the marijuana they smoke doesn’t come from regular marijuana seeds. It comes from feminized seeds. Growers can purchase regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds online depending on their unique needs, but novices may want to stick with feminized varieties.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds come from female cannabis plants that have been pollinated by male plants. They can grow into either male or female plants, and they require a full season to produce a crop. Only experienced growers or plant breeders should purchase regular seeds since it requires some specialized knowledge to identify male plants early during the pre-flowering phase and remove them to prevent pollination.

Wondering why pollination is such a bad thing? It’s simple: only pollinated plants produce seeds and discerning pot enthusiasts know that’s a bad thing. Sinsemilla, or seedless bud, is stronger, tastier, and worth more on commercial markets.

The primary advantage of regular seeds doesn’t even apply to the average grower. It’s that regular seeds can be helpful in plant breeding. Unless they have enough experience with growing marijuana and selective breeding to consider creating their own strains seriously, growers should only buy regular seeds if feminized varieties are not available for the strains they want.

Feminized Seeds

In most cases, it makes more sense both practically and financially to purchase feminized marijuana seeds. These seeds are produced using a natural process known as rhodelization. Since they only have DNA from female mothers, they’re guaranteed not to produce any male plants that could pollinate the crop. That means no need to worry about pulling males, and no resources wasted feeding plants that aren’t ever going to produce smokable flowers.

Feminized seeds are available for most popular strains, and they come in both autoflowering and full photoperiod varieties. Growers just need to make sure they source feminized seeds from a reputable marijuana seed bank that vets its plant breeders to guarantee genetic viability.

Autoflower Seeds

Auto-flowering pot seeds contain genetic material from cannabis ruderalis plants. These plants contain very little THC, but they grow quickly and do not rely on seasonal changes to induce flowering. The primary advantage of autoflower seeds is that they will produce harvestable crops in a matter of just a few months, making them perfect for outdoor growers with short seasons and indoor growers who want to maximize yields by staggering their harvests.

Despite the fact that autoflower seeds contain genetic information from ruderalis plants, they can still produce potent weed crops. However, since the vegetative period for autoflowers is shorter, they don’t get as big. That translates to lower yields per plant, which can be a problem in areas that restrict hobby growers to only a few plants per household.

Top 10 Marijuana Seeds USA

If they plan on growing for rec clubs or medical dispensaries, commercial growers need to pay attention to current consumption trends. While it’s fine to grow one or two strains chosen based on personal preference alone, the best way to maximize profit is to choose popular strains that will fetch a good price. Here are the top 10 marijuana seeds USA growers are buying in 2020:

Tangerine Marijuana Seeds

Tangerine, short for Tangerine Dream, has been getting tons of attention in recent years. This indica strain is known not just for its sweet citrus aroma and limonene terpene profile, but also for its balanced high. Since Tangerine seeds produce plants with fat, resiny buds, this strain is also a favorite among concentrate manufacturers despite its less than astounding THC concentrations.

Tangerine yields well both indoors and outdoors. It is now available in autoflowering varieties, as well, which makes it a perfect option for year-round producers. Expect autoflowering Tangerine plants to flower in eight to ten weeks and produce up to 50 grams per plant outdoors or 200 grams per square meter indoors.

Trainwreck Marijuana Seeds

Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid that also offers just enough of the relaxed feelings associated with indicas to create a perfect balance. It has a THC range of between 15 and 20%, but its low CBD content and unique genetic profile mimic the effects of stronger strains. Trainwreck has been around for a while, but it’s no less popular in 2020 than it was a decade ago. It’s still a highly sought-after strain.

Since Trainwreck was originally developed in the 1970s, breeders have had plenty of time to stabilize this plant’s genetics. It tolerates cooler temperatures than most sativa-dominant hybrids and is great for outdoor growing. With the right climate, one plant can grow up to 10 feet tall and produce up to 700 grams of bud.

Chemdawg #4 Marijuana Seeds

There are many variations on Chemdawg, but the reason Chemdawg #4 is one of this year’s most popular strains is simple: it boasts a THC content of up to 28% when grown in the right conditions. It’s not the best choice for medical users, since its CBD content approaches 0%, but recreational consumers who want to boost their creativity while simultaneously inducing a state of relaxation and euphoria will love it.

Experienced plant breeders almost always have at least a few Chemdawg plants in their crops since it is often crossbred with other strains to increase their THC content. It’s not a great plant for beginners, though, as it requires consistent pruning and a lot of care to achieve heavy yields. Pure Chemdawg also has a low resistance to mildew, so growers should avoid it if they live in areas prone to heavy rains.

Jack Herer Marijuana Seeds

Jack Herer has been around for a while, but it hasn’t lost any of its potent punch over time. If anything, it’s only gotten stronger and easier to grow. When it comes to medical marijuana seeds, Jack Herer is always a good bet since its balanced hybrid genetics are great for treating chronic pain without inducing couch lock.

One of the reasons novice growers love Jack Herer so much is that it can produce heavy yields without requiring constant attention or advanced pruning techniques. Those who want to grow their own medical marijuana can also find high-cbd marijuana seeds that have far more balanced cannabinoid profiles, with 5-8% THC and 5-8% CBD. Just keep in mind that the low THC concentration and high CBD range mean CBD Jack Herer won’t pack the same kind of punch as its high-THC cousin.

White Widow Marijuana Seeds

White Widow has been winning awards for decades. It’s perfect for concentrates since it produces sticky, resinous buds with remarkably high trichrome counts, but it can also be sold and smoked as pure flower to induce a perfectly balanced buzz. The THC concentrations for White Widow vary from 20% to 25% and CBD concentrations are usually under 1%.

Even though White Widow is a sativa-dominant hybrid, it grows more like an indica. Expect it to be bushy and low during its vegetative stage, then spend eight to nine weeks in flower before the harvest. Under the right conditions, one plant can produce up to 500g indoors or 700g outdoors.

Durban Poison Marijuana Seeds

Looking for an energizing, euphoric, creative high? Durban Poison is one of the best us marijuana seeds growers can buy. This pure sativa is great for fighting stress and depression, and its 19-22% THC range means it packs a real punch for recreational users. Add in a delicious flavor profile with hints of cinnamon and licorice, and it’s easy to see why this strain is so popular.

Durban Poison is also a relatively easy strain to grow, although it’s worth noting that like all sativas, it has a long season. Growers who want to pull down healthy crops without having to wait out a 12-week flowering period may want to buy autoflowering seeds or look into variations like Early Durban Poison.

Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Seeds

This strain has been receiving a lot of attention in recent years from medical patients and recreational consumers alike. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid, but still has enough sativa packed into it to offer feelings of euphoria and creativity alongside its uniquely impressive body buzz. When grown under the right conditions, Girl Scout Cookies has a THC concentration of up to 28%.

Girl Scout Cookies is a perfect strain for indoor growers, although it can also be grown outdoors in the right climates. It thrives in hydroponic setups and is perfect for sea-of-green growing. Novice growers who want to avoid advanced training methods will also find that this strain is relatively easy to grow in straightforward soil-based container gardens.

Grandaddy Purple Marijuana Seeds

Since its creation in 2003, Grandaddy Purple has risen in the ranks to become one of the most famous strains of marijuana around. In the USA marijuana seeds from this strain are often bred in California, but indoor growers can cultivate it just about anywhere. Under the right conditions, they can expect THC concentrations of around 24%.

Be forewarned: Grandaddy Purple can be a difficult plant to grow in rainy, humid climates since it’s highly susceptible to mold. Thankfully, its short, stocky stature makes this indica-dominant hybrid perfect for indoor grows. Just keep the humidity levels under control and set the thermostat between 70- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit to produce massive yields.

Green Crack Marijuana Seeds

As the name implies, Green Crack is a highly energetic strain. It offers a light, buzzy high that’s perfect for wake-and-bakes. It has a relatively high THC concentration of around 25% and a CBD range of between 3.5 and 7%, making it a perfect strain for combating anxiety.

Growers cultivating this plant for the first time are often astounded by its concentration of crystals. Even the stems and fan leaves have them, so plan to use the trim for edibles or concentrates after the main harvest.

Fire OG Marijuana Seeds

Fire OG is one of the most potent indica-dominant hybrids around despite the fact that it only has a THC content of around 20%. This relaxing strain is perfect for winding down after a busy day, and its unique genetics make it a great pick for consumers with high THC tolerances.

Fire OG requires a good deal of pruning. It is also susceptible to mold. Those with some experience growing marijuana will find that their hard work will be rewarded with impressively heavy yields, though, so it’s definitely worth the extra effort.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

The most important thing for growers to consider before they buy marijuana seeds is the reputation of the seed bank. Since finding high-quality marijuana seeds for sale online the best way to get a crop started off on the right foot, growers should never just settle for whatever they can find. Instead, they should order marijuana seeds online from Weed Seeds. Here’s how the process works:

Step One: Choose a Strain

Choosing the right strains to grow requires careful consideration of the growing conditions as well as the finished product’s intended use. As a general rule, indicas grow better in cooler climates, while sativas tend to thrive with warmer weather, longer seasons, and plenty of sun. Indoor growers don’t have to worry as much about climate but growing indoors requires far more startup capital and attention to detail.

Growers who plan to pull down crops for their own use can choose strains they know they like. Commercial growers should instead consider what types of marijuana are most popular, and which popular strains are most difficult to find. Growing a popular strain that is hard to track down in the area is a great way to start building a loyal customer base.

Step Two: Choose a Seed Type

There are three types of marijuana seeds US growers can buy: regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflower seeds. Each of them has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so choose carefully. Growers can get more information about these three seed types later in this article. For now, just note that all three should be available for most popular strains.

Step Three: Determine Scale

Before placing an order for their medicinal marijuana seeds, growers need to know exactly how large of a crop they are trying to grow. Hobby growers may be restricted by available space or local ordinances that limit the number of plants they can have in veg or in bud. Since the legality of growing pot at home varies by state, or even by town, it’s up to each grower to track down information relevant to his or her situation through the state.

For commercial growers, buying wholesale marijuana seeds may be the most cost-effective option. Those who buy regular seeds instead of feminized varieties should plan to plant about twice as many seeds as they think they will need. Each seed has a 50/50 chance of being a male hemp plant, which won’t produce THC and can jeopardize the rest of the crop if left in the ground.

Step Four: Place an Order

Once growers know exactly what type of seeds they want, what pot strains they will be growing, and what scale they will be operating on, it’s time to place an order. This can be done online via Weed Seeds USA or by calling 1-844-807-1234.

Keep in mind that there’s no need to be nervous about placing an order for ganja seeds. While laws regarding marijuana possession, cultivation, and consumption vary by state, it’s legal to purchase chronic seeds from anywhere as an adult novelty product.

Step Five: Pick Up the Package

The seed bank will deliver customers’ discreet and carefully packaged orders to the addresses they have on file. Someone should be available to pick up the package and check its contents immediately. If anything is amiss, get in touch with the supplier immediately to resolve the problem. Otherwise, store the seeds in a cool, dry place until the time is right to start the germination process.

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

With more states than ever opting to legalize some form of marijuana possession, cultivation, and use, it should come as no surprise that the number of home and commercial growers is on the rise. Whether they’re completely new to marijuana cultivation or they’ve been at it for years, growers need to start the season off with high-quality 420 seeds. Both commercial and hobby growers can find all the seeds they need to start crops of any size at Weed Seeds USA.

Common Misspellings, Versions & Abbreviations

There are almost as many euphemisms for marijuana as there are groups of friends that get together for a quick toke. Some people call it Mary-Jane, while others use herb, pot, green, tree, bud, 420, or ganja. Creative euphemisms for everyone’s favorite plant include doobage, grass, devil’s lettuce, devil’s giggle bush, and jazz cabbage. Especially strong marijuana is often referred to as chronic or loud.

It’s also common for frequent users to consume concentrates like hash, kief, shatter, wax, and dabs. These products are made using pot grown from specialized chronic seeds that have extremely high THC levels.

Common misspellings and alternative spellings for marijuana include:

  • Marajuna
  • Marajuana
  • Marijuna
  • Marijana

No matter what strains consumers prefer and what they call them, all types of marijuana start out as humble seeds.

Interesting Facts About Marijuana Seeds

Obviously, the most interesting thing about marijuana seeds is that they produce marijuana plants with delicious buds. There are also a few other things growers should know, though. Here are a few interesting and important facts about 420 seeds that not everyone knows:

  • There’s no way to tell whether a regular seed will produce a male or a female plant.
  • Seeds that don’t have stabilized genetics can produce marijuana that is very different from that grown on their parent plants.
  • Hermaphrodite plants can self-pollinate to create seeds that only have female DNA.
  • The size of a seed will not determine how big the plant will be.
  • Cannabis seeds are edible. They also contain a near-perfect mix of essential fatty acids, including omega-3, 6, and 9.
  • One pollinated cannabis plant can produce hundreds of seeds.
  • The best temperature for storing marijuana seeds until germination is between 40- and 45-degrees Fahrenheit. Many growers store them in the door of their refrigerators.
  • If they’re kept in dry, cool conditions, seeds can be stored for years without adversely affecting plant quality.
  • Feminized seeds are not genetically engineered. They are produced using natural processes.

Place Your Marijuana Seed Order Online Or By Phone TODAY

Ready to order marijuana seeds? Contact Weed Seeds USA by phone at 1-844-807-1234 or by email at ok@cannibus.ninja. An experienced professional will be available to walk growers through the process.

Understanding Marijuana

Though we have hundreds of marijuana seeds for sale, making us among the best marijuana seed banks in America, knowing your weed entails a little more than knowing how to get marijuana seeds. Also of incredible, if not utmost, importance is knowing and understanding your strains. Indica, sativa, ruderalis and hybrids all require different environments, care and techniques, so knowing your genetics is rule number one.

The marijuana plant naturally propagates through male/female contact and subsequent fertilization. When a female plant reaches maturity, she develops calyxes, small pods at the branch nodes. These produce what are called pistils, the white tendrils reaching out. These pistils are sticky and trap pollen from the male. Over the season, she grows seeds and these seeds will become the future generations of the mixed genotype.

Cannabis is an incredibly demanding breed of flora, mowing through light and nutrients like some ravenous beast. You can’t just go feeding these things willy-nilly though, for they are also quite sensitive to overfeeding and overwatering: cannabis eats only what it requires at any given moment, though it’s a lot, and the same goes for times of thirst.

So, it makes sense that keeping a calendar to develop an effective schedule for any award winning marijuana seeds is a must, if the grower is to see increasing success. Keeping a visual and written journal of your cultivation experiences can only make you a better farmer and contribute to the overall health, potency and yields of future crops.

Germinating Pot Seeds

No matter what the strain of marijuana seeds you have chosen to grow, there are a number of avenues you can take to see successful germination. The act of sprouting marijuana seeds is always an exciting experience. Making sure that the environment is not too wet and not too dry, high in humidity with gently warm ambient temperatures. It is worth it when you see that sprout break ground or that little taproot poke through the husk like some baby bird through its shell.

It is so important to make sure that the medium you use to crack your beans, whether it is soil, rockwool, peat pucks or whatever, is sterile or non-nutritive. All your little trees need for the first few days to two weeks of their lives is a humid environment for the foliage and the roots, fresh water only. Very low levels of trace elements have shown to increase the strength of young roots, but levels like these are present in r/o or well-water even, so don’t go adding them.

It should be noted that those growing organically, in living soil, have seen success direct-sowing autoflowers and, since autos dislike a transplant, it could be a win/win.

How to Plant Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam marijuana seeds and our marijuana seeds USA have come a long way since the 70’s. One thing which has evolved along with them is how to plant these precious peas.

Rockwool, peat pucks, soil, coir, aquaponics – these all require a bit of a different touch, though many DWC growers start their beans or clones in rockwool for its ease and versatility.

If you have achieved successful germination, then plant those little love pockets root-down. If in soil, add about one ounce of really good water and get it under some light so the beanstalk knows where the clouds are. Sometimes it might be necessary to add some warmth to the underside of the container to assist root development.

Overall, if they are warm, lit and moist, those babies will be fine and, in a week or so, you will exit the seedling phase and head into the vegetation period.

Taking Care Of Your Cannabis Plants

The vegging phase is your time to shine as a cultivator and trainer. Once you buy marijuana seeds online, never falling for cheap marijuana seeds, and have germinated your chosen beans, the real work starts.

The fading and ultimate yellowing of the bottom leaves, which all growers should do their best to avoid, should be a strong indicator that it is time to feed. Starting at half strength is best, until you know the feeding habits of the particular plant.

Experience tells us that, after the plant has established and, if your chosen medium is soil or coir, watering until the plant won’t suck up any more then removing the rest is the best practice. Allow the medium to dry before the next watering.

In an aquaponics setup, it is vitally important to ensure your water is clean, oxygenated and changed regularly. Cannabis requires an aerobic environment and allowing your potion to stagnate will create an anaerobic cosmopolis before you know it.

Your plants will tell you what they need. Pay attention, take it easy and every pea you pop should live to a ripe old age.

How to Increase Marijuana Strain THC%

If you are looking to grow weed that you have to be careful with, to buy high THC marijuana seeds is a good start. Choosing your genetics wisely is among the most important things to do in order to achieve your aims. Buy marijuana seeds online from Weed Seeds USA to be safe.

If you have chosen the right seeds and have trained your plant well, then you are ready for the flower phase. Lots of light, the right nutrients, lots of heat and a drop in humidity to ensure against mold is what you’ll want to provide.

Harvesting when your trichomes have gone milky but are not yet turning amber is the perfect time to harvest. After that, the drying and curing processes cannot be overrated and it is imperative that you get these two things right if you want to enjoy more potent buds.

How to Get Bigger Yields From Your Ganja Grow Op

Again, when you order marijuana seeds or buy medical marijuana seeds hoping for huge yields, you have to choose the right genetics. But there are some extra things you can do to increase your harvests.

Scrogging is a great method of cultivation which requires little energy and increases yields. If you extend the vegging period, you can squeeze a few more bud-sites out of the deal as well.

Planting in a larger pot will, most times, allow the roots to go further, thus allowing for more rampant growth, just be careful not to plant in too big a pot or you will waste nutes and you may experience root-rot.

The light/vapor pressure deficit/nutrient combination is one learned over time and is the impetus for any grower to get a journal and calendar going. When these three things are dialed-in tight, buds go crazy. Sometimes a grower gets excited and, due to how good the buds look, decides to chop. Stay away! The primary reason for unsatisfactory yields is that the grower did not parent the plant to maturity and hung themselves out to dry.

What Do Marijuana Plants Need?

Those who know their marijuana seeds California, the beginning of it all, know that when sweet Mary Jane gets what she needs, everyone around her smiles.

Marijuana needs lots of sun, a good breeze, a humid medium and atmosphere and they require a wide array of nutrients. Whether you are planting your crop inside or outside, these elements of environment must be in place.

Managing a crop outdoors means simply training and providing the right nutrients at the right times. Inside, there is a lot more to do, and to successfully parent a crop requires dedication to maintaining different environments at different stages of development.

If you want to parent a peach of a pot plant, research, reaching out, trial and error are all part and parcel of the experience.

The Importance of pH balance

There are a number of primary necessities inherent to weed, such as light, moisture, temperature and so on. There are also a number of secondary concerns which, as far as the grower is concerned, cannot be messed with.

The question of pH is possibly the most important consideration involved in growing cannabis. There are a million meters out there and when it comes to pH, don’t skimp. You need to ensure that your soil or coir crop is sitting as close to 6.5 as you can get it and that your hydro or DWC grow is just that close to 5.8. This is not up for debate as far as an indoor grow goes, as it can make or break a crop. Outside, it really is incredible how much a cannabis plant will put up with, but it will not tolerate acidic or alkaline soil.

So, it is crucial that the grower remain on top of pH, but how? Nutrients like nitrogen will drive pH down and phosphorus and other nutrients will force it up. When you are making your living soil, the first week or two of composting will have your soil around 4. As the microlife breaks down the nitrogen, that number will rise and you can seed the soil. There are also organic pH up and down products available to assist in buffering water and teas, and it is recommended to have some of this stuff around.

Follow these basic practices and you are sure to cultivate yourself some winning plants for sure!

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