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What Is A Hybrid Strain Of Cannabis?

A hybrid weed definition in short form is basically a cross-bred offspring from a sativa and an indica plant. There are exceptions with this simplification as it is possible to have a four-way sativa cross, or a simply sativa-indica cross. Some hybrid marijuana will lean more on the indica side of perceived effects (i.e., sleepy, body high) while others may lean more heavily on the sativa side (i.e., euphoric and energetic). This is all based on the dominance and recessive nature of certain genes and which copies it gets from each parent strain. Generally, cannabis hybrid strains will give the user at least a taste of both types of high, which is a nice well-rounded option for using for mental, medical, or recreational purposes. So, when asking the question ‘is hybrid weed good’ the answer is just about always yes, because there is a unique strain out there with just the right hybrid weed effects for every type of consumer. Trust the professional supply team at Weed Seeds USA to provide only the best Weed Seeds Online.

How Are Hybrid Seeds Made?

Hybrid Seeds are made through a form of sexual reproduction that isn’t all that different from what is seed throughout most of the plant kingdom. Male plants produce pollen grains that are made in the anthers of the male flower and kept in pollen sacs until they are ready to be released. When the dust like pollen makes contact with the small hairs (called pistils or stigmas) on a female flower, the female is then stimulated to start producing seeds. Modern cannabis breeders use careful measures to store the pollen and manually drop it on the selected female plants they want to pollinate. In order to create the most stable hybrid strains, you need to pick the strongest parent phenotypes from each variety you want to cross. You can assess the general health of the plant and also look for desired traits like dense bud structure and high bud to leaf ratio, as well as overall size, colour, and aroma.

Once a brand new hybrid strain has been developed, it will need to be back-crossed on itself to create more stability and durability in the real world. In nature, new strains evolve over several generations, even centuries, so rushing this artificially can lead to strains that are weak and more susceptible to mold, mildew, or other plant diseases. Some of the end results that growers are looking for when designing potential hybrid options are things like improved flavor, higher THC levels, or faster flowering times.

Technical Hybrid Seed Info 2021

In layman’s terms, a hybrid strain of cannabis is essentially anything that is not a pure-bred (or landrace) strain. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of marijuana strains out there in the world, many of which grew in the wild before human interventions. These original, “pure” strains had the chance to evolve over long periods of time to best suit the local climate and level of light exposure. Indica plants native to the northern regions of the world like the Himalayas evolved to follow a shorter flowering time since the sunny summers are only a few months long. Near the equator, sativa plants are much more common, and they can take 10 to 12 weeks to complete flowering sometimes. This is not a problem when you enjoy a nice even 12 hours of daylight for over a year.

Where Did Hybrid Seeds First Pop Up?

In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, experimenting with recreational drugs was a pretty big part of the flower-power movement. Typically, early American’s were smoking low grade landrace sativa smuggled up from Mexico, Columbia, and Panama. At some point, American’s set out to travel what became known as ‘the hippie trail’ – the overland journey from Europe to South Asia. Through the countries of the middle east, tourists would have been exposed to a whole new wealth of cannabis strains to try from Afghanistan, India, and Nepal. The indica strains native to these parts would have had a much different flavour and psychoactive experience. When seeds were brought back to America, growers were pleased to find out that these strains flower much quicker (often in just 7 to 9 weeks) and can therefore be easily ready to crop out before the end of October.

The exact version of who exactly invented the first hybrid weed strains is hard to peg down with so many differing opinions out there. One common narrative is that in 1969 a covert cultivator going by the name Jingles in the San Francisco Bay area crossed Columbian Gold sativa with an Afghani male indica, which eventually developed into the Skunk hybrid strain (still an infamous name to this day in the cannabis world). After it was first developed a group of rebellious breeders calling themselves Sacred Seeds banded together to backcross and perfect the skunk lineage. The group was successful in propagating and selling their popular fast-flowering skunk seeds until they were raided and disbanded in 1982.

Haze Hybrid Seed For Sale

In a similar fashion, the Haze lineage of strains was born of early hybridization in the early 1970’s. The mysterious Haze brothers were not dabbling in indica genes yet, but instead made a potent sativa cross by mixing classic Mexican, Columbian, Thai, and South Indian sativa strains. Like the Skunk before it, Haze has remained a popular strain in its own right, but has also been blended into some of the other best hybrid cannabis strains of all time.

Why Most Cultivators Choose Hybrid Strains

Similar to the way that mutts often reach a greater lifespan than purebred dog breeds, hybrid marijuana seeds are also more stable and durable then their pure parent strains. With a more varied genetic pool to draw from, the newborn strains can sometimes achieve new heights in mold resistance, pest resistance, faster flowering times, and overall higher yields. Sativas often stretch quite tall but produce loose airy buds and take a very long time for flowers to fully develop. Indica strains are short and develop quickly with high-THC, but they can only produce a limited amount per plant and the high can be kind of groggy for some consumers. When purchasing hybrid strains, you have the opportunity to get the best of both worlds, in one easy-to-grow package.

Why Grow Hybrid Marijuana  from Seed ?

Marijuana hybrid plants are a popular choice because of their growing ease as well as the kind of high they produce. With a more balanced buzz that satisfies both body and mind, hybrids are a great crowd pleaser that covers all the bases. For some stoners, the pure sativa strains are too psychedelic, sometimes pushing sensitive consumers to feel anxious or paranoid. Pure indica, on the other hand, can be perceived as too couch-locked, making you yawn every 10 minutes. If you like the sativa type of high, but don’t want to be fully strung out, you can opt for a sativa-dominant hybrid like Bruce Banner. If it is more of an indica leaning strain you desire, there are a lot of choices like Sunset Sherbet or Gorilla Glue that can give you a good body buzz without putting you straight to sleep. Read on below to learn more about these aforementioned strains as well as others that are topping the popularity charts of dispensary store menus over the last few years.

Our Top 10 Popular Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains have become more and more popular since they were first conceived, and along the way some have stuck out more than others. The following strains of American Hybrid Seeds are popular for different reasons, but ultimately, they always seem to sell out quickly and get a lot of attention in popular culture and customer feedback.

Blue Dream Autoflower

Created by crossing two legendary strains, Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream has an immediately invigorating high that is ideal for chronic stress or depression. Despite the name, this sativa-leaning hybrid will wake you up with a zest for life that can smooth over any rough day. Blue Dream (or “Azure Haze”) will keep you floating through your day with its cruisy 17-24% THC.

Girl Scout Cookies

Who doesn’t love to sit down and devour a box of America’s favorite cookies? Perhaps that is part of the reason for the name of this tasty strain that keeps inviting you back for one more bit. 60% indica and an average of 28% THC make this an ideal strain to enjoy at the end of the day and get some cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation all at the same time.


The strong and sour profile of this sativa dominant hybrid comes from a 4 way hybridization of Thai, Columbian, Mexican, and Afghani strains. With a racy high that gets your adrenaline flowing and a sour and skunky flavor, AK47 is a favorite for many recreational and medicinal users. Because of the well-rounded parentage, this strain gives you a good run for your money with broad mind & body effects. This hybrid has been around since 1992, and because it can knock users’ socks off in both directions, it is one of the few plants to ever place second in both Sativa (1999) and Indica (2003) categories of the Cannabis Cup.

White Widow

This is another exceedingly popular hybrid strain born out of the early 1990’s, from Brazilian sativa crossed with a South Indian indica strain. White Widow grabs the attention of many cannabis consumers, wither because of its promisingly potent effects, or the positive reputation echoed in music and television references. Often reaching upwards of 25% THC or more, the 60/40 sativa-dominant has an interesting ability to both stimulate and relax all at the same time. This one also won many Cannabis Cups right out of the gate between 1995 and 1998.

Gorilla Glue

The sweet thick mocha taste and aroma draws users in to this mighty strong hybrid that often boasts THC levels over 30%. A Cross of Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel makes for a 60% indica that starts with a lofty mental euphoria that dips quickly into a muscle melting body experience. Aptly named as it may keep you glued to the couch for hours in a state of cheerful laziness that is predictable and long-lasting pot strain.

Bruce Banner

Named after the Incredible Hulk’s secret alias, this hybrid of OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel has carried the title as the strongest hybrid strain on earth for a number of years, topping out around 32%. This one leans on the sativa side (80%) and can actually give new users a sense of anxiousness or paranoia if too much is consumed. First born and bred in Colorado, there are now several phenotypes on the market now, with Bruce Banner #3 being the strongest one.

God Bud

This first place indica cup winner at the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup reveals the talent of breeders from British Columbia, Canada. The dense and crystal-coated buds possess a soothing and powerful flavour of skunky pine and sweet chocolate. God Bud will get you a short-term ticket to heaven and back, and you will land peacefully back on your pillow as this indica dominant strain relaxes you back into your earthly body. This strain was created by crossing Hawaiian sativa x Purple Skunk x God.

Sunset Sherbet

This is the perfect tasty dessert weed with a moderate 15-19% THC and 85% indica genetics. Crossing the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties (Burmese Kush x Florida Kush). This is yet another award-winning hybrid, bringing home the 2017 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup award for best coffee shop flower. Great mild psychoactive effects as well as an uplifting pain reliever helpful for use with many medical conditions.


This knockout hybrid will give your cerebral hemisphere a whole new experience when getting stoned. Many users experience a tangible pressure across the forehead which is the basis for further psychedelic visions and creative thoughts. Two popular parents of OG Kush and Sour Diesel set up this 60% indica lovechild for success. Headband has a smooth creamy taste and is easy to grow in any indoor setup. This one has also won cannabis awards including the 2011 High Times Medical Cup in Detroit.

Wedding Cake

Last, but definitely not least, is Wedding Cake. Phenomenal taste and mind-blowing effects have made this one of the most popular hybrid strains on the internet in the 21st century. Crossing Animal. Mints (Thin Mint GSC x Fire OG) with another very tasty indica, Triangle Kush, gives you this unbeatable flavor that is sweet and full-bodied. The buds are also very nice to look at, with fluffy crystal-coated calyxes and orange hairs emerging from in between frosty bright-green leaves. This one is a real treat to behold.

Climate Control For Hybrid Plants

Proper care for hybrid cannabis plants is best to be right down the middle. They don’t like the cooler temperatures that indica can flourish in, and they can also get heat stressed from the high temperatures tolerated by some equatorial sativa strains. The ideal temperature for growing the best hybrid marijuana strains. If you are planning to grow your cannabis hybrid seeds outdoors, make sure your state has a loosely ‘Mediterranean’ climate. Warm to hot in the summer with a fall that is mild and not too wet with rainfall (as this can cause mildew in your plants close to the end of flowering). The west coast, including California, Oregon, and Washington State, match this profile very well and conveniently these states are among the most open to at-home cultivation.

Growing your hybrid bud strains indoors gives much more flexibility and control in terms of maintaining an ideal climate. Both temperature and relative humidity are both critical factors in making sure your plants are happy. Young seedlings can have a higher humidity (especially if starting with clones) around 80-90%. When getting into vegetative stage, plants like around 60% relative humidity in the room so there is some moisture to be absorbed by the leaves, but not too much as the roots will also start to pick up on water absorption. Flowering plants will need the lowest humidity, around 45%, so that the risk of mildew doesn’t climb too high. The ideal temperature is between 68 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Growers must remember that these two factors are closely linked, since warmer air holds more humidity than cold air. Therefore, it is best to have a digital thermometer and hydrometer in the grow room to give direct feedback on any changes you make to the grow room climate.

Average Yields From Our Hybrid Seeds

Aside from new terpene combinations, THC levels, and flowering times, the primary motivation behind new seed breeders is often maximizing the average yield of each variety. Especially now that most states legalizing grow-at-home operations are limiting American to how many plants can be grown in each household. In Oregon, for example adults over 21 years of age can grow four plants while Michigan will allow adults to grow up to twelve plants each. Either way, there is no cap on how large or how much bud can be produced off each plant, so it makes sense to maximize that as much as possible.

This is a hard figure to nail down precisely, as hybrid strains can yield anywhere from two ounces to over 15 ounces per plant. This depends greatly on so many factors, including (but not limited to) growth medium, temperature, pH, nutrients, lighting, and advanced pruning techniques. Some hybrids will inherently hold the genetic potential to produce more bud overall, because of a higher rate of branching or large size due to sativa dominance.

In any case, hybrids are generally easier to grow than many pure indica or sativa marijuana strains, which means your yield will be more reliable. Some advanced strains can be hard to see through to completion because of high susceptibility to pests and disease or a very long flowering period. Getting the most out of your high yield hybrid strains is important to every grower out there, so we recommend checking in on your plants daily and using as much automation in your grow room as possible to create a consistently optimal environment for them to enjoy.

Outdoor Growing Schedule For Hybrid Plants

When growing a hybrid marijuana plant outdoors in the USA, keep in mind the legalities of the state you live in so that there is no issue with offending any neighbors or having your plants seized by law enforcement. There are many places now in America where cannabis enthusiasts can grow 4, 8, or even 12 plants themselves at home – so long as the plants are kept in a discreet part of your yard or greenhouse, out of the public’s view. You want to plan your crop so that you harvest before the first frost, which can be in late September or early October depending on where you live.

Most outdoor growers will start their hybrid weed seeds indoors after the last frost of spring, around early April. Weed Seeds USA recommends that you always germinate your ganja seeds indoors for the best results, and then transplant to a small indoor pot when the taproot has emerged from the seed and is half an inch long. Allow you seedling to develop its first few sets of true leaves and then set in under a gentle breeze to harden up the stems. Once your plants have reached around 6 inches in height and are looking nice and sturdy, you can transplant to some freshly tilled soil in your garden outside around mid-April or Early May. By this time, most place in the United States will be receiving at least 14-16 hours of daylight per day, which is just right for getting your plants rolling through the vegetative phase.

As the warm summer days progress, your plants will achieve most of their vertical growth through June and July. The days get progressively longer, offering more UV light to stimulate photosynthesis. If using non-feminized hybrid seeds, you will want to keep an eye out for signs of male plants around the end of July. Monitor the side branches for signs of early pollen sac development, and when found remove your male plants right away. Autoflowering hybrid varieties will already be well on their way through the budding stage by now, but photoperiod strains will not flower until the environment provides less than 12 hours of sunlight each day.

Expect to harvest your spring-planted autoflower plants by mid- to late-august, right around the same time your non-autoflowering plants will begin to prepare for the budding stage themselves. You will need to keep your flowering ladies dry through the month of September to avoid mold or bud rot. This may involve building a temporary structure over or around your plants or alternatively bringing them inside on very wet days (if you have them outside sitting in pots). Indica plants flower a little faster and may be ready by mid to late September, while some Sativas will need to be left flowering until almost November. This guide is meant to be used as a loose reference, so depending on exactly what latitude you live in and what strains you are growing you will need to tweak the dates recommended here.

Scheduling Your Indoor Grow For Hybrid Plants

When growing pot indoors, you always have more flexibility and control than when growing outdoors. Also because of the varying degrees of legality in the USA, most growers opt to keep plants indoors for security’s sake. It may cost you a little more because you need to provide your own source of heat and light (rather than relying on the sun’s energy), but in the long run the huge yields you can achieve will totally pay off. If planned out right, you can grow the best hybrid strains yourself, from beginning to end, in the same grow tent. You may need to adjust the lighting and nutrients several times throughout the growing cycle, but there are many online growing guides like this one that can help you out along the way.

First, you are going to germinate your seeds, which can take up to a week to get a seed to successfully crack open using the damp paper towel method. Once transplanted to a small four inch pot, you can give your young seedlings lots of continual light, up to 18-20 hours a day) with humidity kept around 60%. With immature roots, you won’t need to water too often, but mist the plants frequently to keep the soil lightly damp. Once the plants are developing true leaves, you can consider the vegetative stage as having begun and will last anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks. Using a nitrogen-rich fertilizer can help achieve maximal growth. You can play with the temperature within the range of 68 – 76 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity between 50 and 70%.

When your plants have reached the appropriate size, it is time to shorten the light cycle to 12/12 and trigger the plants to start flower production. Flowering plants can do well in the beginning on 60-70% humidity, but as buds develop you will want to progressively lower this to 40% over time towards the last weeks of flowering to prevent moisture problems. The best way to know when to harvest your plants is to closely monitor the trichomes once the buds have ripened and are reaching full maturity. Starting completely clear, the trichomes will progress towards a dark amber or murky brown color when observed under a handheld microscope or magnifying glass. The aim is to cut the pants when roughly half of the trichomes are still translucent while the other 50% have started turning a light cloudy amber colour. Earlier harvests will be more uplifting and less potent while later harvests will lend to higher cannabinoids contents with a more sedating effect.

How To Prune And Maintain Your Hybrid Plants

Pruning marijuana plants properly is one of the keys to unlocking hybrid weed high yields whether you grow indoors or out. Cannabis is more or less a “weed” and can do just fine on its own without human intervention. However, decades of trial and error has taught us that one can effectively train the plant to produce more branches and larger buds through selective pruning and trimming. We have already covered in brief the temperature and humidity requirements for the sativa indica hybrid variety seeds for sale on our website, but these values are based around well maintained pot plants that can circulate the air effectively and have an even distribution of light.

You can read specific guides walking you through the many different advanced pruning techniques such as SOG (Sea Of Green), ScrOG (Screen Of Green), Lollipopping, Finning, and Monster Cropping. Different types of pruning can present different benefits, but generally they work through training the shape of the plant and encouraging the plant’s energy to be driven towards the most optimal bud sites. Whichever method you choose, be sure to use clean sterilized clippers and remove any unhealthy or yellowing leaves. Try two different methods on plants within the same grow room as a control to see which technique works best for your hybrid oil weed plants.

Common Pests With Hybrids And How To Handle Them

Although we can’t give a comprehensive guide to treat every pest problem imaginable, there are some more common culprits in the cannabis garden as well as some baseline best practices that can help deter most pest varieties. Proper pruning and watering are the first level defenses since overly damp soil or dying leaves are top attractants to insects like thrips, gnats, and spider mites.  Aside from keeping the conditions optimal, you can also supply a gentle breeze through your grow room which can discourage small bugs from settling on your plants. You should start every grow cycle with fresh, sanitary soil and keep the air coming into your grow room well filtered to prevent any outside bugs from entering.

If you have a pest issue and prevention is no longer an option, one of your safest options is to lay out some sticky yellow insect traps around the base of your plants. These are available at most garden centers and can effectively trap most small flying critters like aphids and whiteflies. Another deterrent option is to purchase some beneficial bugs, like ladybugs or parasitic wasps, to release in your cannabis grow room. Topical treatments of diluted neem oil or homemade insecticidal sprays are also often recommended to kill any bugs or larvae that exist on or under the leaves of your hybrid marijuana plants. Ingredients like vegetable oil, garlic, and chili powder may not be as well proved as some industrial strength pesticides, but at least they are natural and organic and will not leave any harmful residue on your weed plants.

Aside from the common bugs already mentioned above, cannabis plants can be affected by crickets, caterpillars, grasshoppers, leafhoppers, leaf miners, mealybugs, russet mites, slugs, snails, and fungus gnats.

Common Growing Problems For All Hybrid Cultivators

If you are researching online to answer the question “what is hybrid weed” or “what are hybrid seeds”, you are likely new enough to the growing arena that you may experience some of the common first-time grower mistakes. This is completely normal, as everybody has to start somewhere. We want to provide you with some information and tools here to help you avoid such problems and restore balance on your own when your Hybrid Cannabis Seeds Home grow space suffers from any of these symptoms.

Nutrient problems

If you are growing for bud production, odds are you will be using a range of cannabis nutrients to give your plants optimal nutrition. Underfed plants will appear sad and droopy, or just fail to meet their full size while over fed plants can experience nutrient burn, yellowing leaves, or rotting roots.

pH problems

Being closely linked to transport enzyme activity, maintaining the proper pH for your cannabis plants is essential for the proper uptake of nutrients from the soil. Ideal marijuana pH is in the range of 5.8 – 6.3 (slightly acidic). If the soil gets any more acidic than 5.3 or any more alkaline than 7.0, you are likely to see many of the same signs as common nutrient deficiencies as described above.

Watering problems

As with liquid nutrients, water needs to be provided in the correct intervals. Not too wet and not too dry. Most growers will completely saturate their mature plants and wait until the soil is almost completely dry before watering again.

Although there are other small problems that will come up, like burnt out light bulbs and harvesting too early, you will learn to deal with these as they come up. Growing your own marijuana is a lifelong journey, and the mistakes made along the way will only leave you stronger and wiser.

Favourite Hybrid Terpenes To Watch For

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds in nature that give things their unique smell. There are to date over 20,000 varieties of terpenes that have been identified in nature, over 200 of which exist in different strains of cannabis. Watch out for myrcene, which has a musky flavour and promotes sleepiness. It turns out that the concentration of this one compound is the main determining factor of whether a strain is classified as an indica (>0.5%) or a sativa (<0.5% myrcene).

Other popular hybrid terpenes to look for are Beta-caryophyllene (the spicy, peppery compound that has anti-inflammatory benefits) and linalool (the sweet and floral terpene that promotes a sense of calm and gratitude. Pinene (which smells like, you guessed it, pine), has more of an energetic kick that makes your hybrid strains like Blue Dream and Trainwreck so buzzy. Each unique combination of terpenes slightly changes the user’s perceived high which leaves lots of world for experimentation in the wide spectrum of hybrid weed seeds for sale out there in the world.

Edibles Guide For Your Hybrid Seed Strains

Making edibles is a fun way to experience getting high in a whole new way, but also a great way to utilize the trim and leftovers from your hybrid cannabis harvest. Hybrid strains are great for producing edibles because they contain the best of both worlds. Edibles generally give a strong body high, since the THC is processed through the liver and distributed throughout the entire body’s bloodstream, whereas with smoking it gets right to your brain quickly via the lungs.

If your starting material had enough sativa in the mix, you would certainly experience some psychedelic lift as well. Even pure indica edibles will cause you to trip out if you consume enough, just from the sheer dosage of THC that gets distributed through the body. Popular hybrid strains that you will see used in a lot of edibles include Super Lemon Haze, White Widow, Gelato, and Girl Scout Cookies.

Making Concentrates With Your Hybrid Seed Strains

Much like edibles, concentrates are a popular end product for our 710 Hybrid Seeds USA varieties. You can use leftovers from your harvest when making trim-run, or alternatively produce the finest shatter of all time with premium nug-runs. The indica genetics in each hybrid cannabis seed helps to bump up the strain’s THC level and overall yield while the sativa portion ensures that your customers will get a nice reliable head rush as well. If you smoke shatter, wax, crumble, or other concentrates on the regular and find the ritual getting quite expensive, just Contact US For Hybrid Seeds, and you can start growing your own cannabis strains to have extracted.

Reasons To Grow Your Hybrid Strains Organically

People use organic food in their lives for a number of reasons, but primarily because they believe the products deliver superior feeling and flavor or they notice the reduction of health problems. The same notion is very true of marijuana as well, as it is after all a “herb” that we ingest through our bodies. Although some growers will purify their products with solvent washes, vacuum sealed purging equipment, or other methods. Regardless of your effort and expertise, having harmful pesticides or residual synthetic nutrients in your bud is very bad for business.

Many of the Americans who rely on medical marijuana as a way to cope with life have other pre-existing immune system problems. Anyone suffering from HIV/AIDS or under chemotherapy treatment will have a vastly reduced immunity to foreign non-self substances in the body. Chemical residue can cause hybrid weed symptoms from a mind tickle in the throat or runny nose to full-blown chronic asthma or other respiratory issues. Organically grown cannabis tastes amazing, and due to the care taken during cultivation often has a cleaner more enjoyable high. If your brand can develop a reputation to provide clean burning weed with minimal hybrid weed side effects, then you will have a thriving business for years to come.

Buy Feminized Hybrid Seeds Today

Feminized seeds come into existence by getting a budding female plant to self-pollinate. This mechanism is built into the cannabis genome as a method of self-preservation in stressful environments. Cannabis seed breeders use either colloidal silver or a technique known as rhodelization wherein plants are left on flowering long after the optimal harvest time has passed. These methods result in ‘male-like’ pollen that only contains female genes. When you pollinate female flowers with female-derived pollen, you are 99.9% likely to end up with Feminized Hybrid Seeds. This process just makes it so much easier for successive crops since you don’t have to have your eyes keenly peeled for male plants.

Get Autoflowering Hybrid Seeds Online

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are those kinds heavily influenced by ruderalis genes during the hybridization process. Ruderalis strains, having grown in northern climates with very different seasonal light cycles, will begin budding on their own after 2-3 weeks in vegetation. Most regular (photoperiod) cannabis strains will require the overhead lights to be cut to just 12 hours per day. Wild ruderalis plants in Northern India and Siberia may be exposed to 18-24 hours of light all summer long, so the plants just adapted to flower early on their own internal signalling to ensure flowers have time to mature before winter’s quick onset.

Sativa Vs Indica Vs Hybrid

Answering the question of how is hybrid weed made requires a brief explanation of the terms sativa, indica, and hybrid as they are all building blocks in this puzzle. Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica are two main families of the plant that have come into existence through divergent evolution. Sativa are taller plants with large, narrow leaves. Indica appear shorter in stature and have large broad leaves, optimized for catching maximal sunlight in areas that don’t get as much sun.

A hybrid strain can be made up of any mixture of indica and sativa genes. Generally, each parent will give 50% of the genetic information, but environmental conditions and gene dominance will decide which ones get expressed. This is why you end up with some humans that look slightly more like their father, while other siblings in the family can more closely resemble the mother. Your hybrid high can feel a little more indica or a little more sativa. Ultimately there is a bit of both of them in each and every offspring, but different strengths and weaknesses play out in each.

Hybrid Marijuana Sativas

Hybrid Marijuana Sativas like Amnesia, AK-47, Moby Dick, and Critical Jack will tend to provide users with more of a lift of energy and motivation than what you typically get out of indica strains. This classification of hybrids are commonly used to treat the symptoms of depression, fatigue, PTSD, and chronic stress.

Hybrid Cannabis Indicas

Hybrid strains dominant in indica traits include Girl Scout Cookies, Northern Lights, Gorilla Glue, and Sour Kush. These strains are used medicinally to reduce physical pain and nausea associated with many chronic illnesses. Some indica dominants still have a good kick of mental euphoria, while others higher in myrcene content have a straight up sleepy effect, making them well suited for anyone suffering from insomnia, chronic insomnia, restlessness or muscle spasms.

50/50 Weed Hybrids

For many individuals buying weed in the legal marketplace today, a perfectly balanced hybrid is just the ticket. When asking what do hybrid strains do, users have to consider how the parent strains each behave on their own. A 50/50 hybrid seed will develop nice buds that can be enjoyed day or night and are perhaps more prone to subjective feedback from the smoker. If you need a pick-me-up, it will pick you up. If you need to chill out, it will get you more centered and grounded. Some great examples of popular balanced hybrids strains include Cherry OG, Bettie Page, Space Queen, and Sour OG.

Hybrid Ganja Strains

The only subgroup of hybrid seeds that we have not really mentioned are the high-CBD varieties. Mixing a standard sativa or indica strain with a hemp plant can result in Hybrid CBD Cannabis Seeds that have little-to-no THC in them. There are 1:1 strains that can offer a light dose of both THC and CBD in even quantities for a half-baked kind of high that also presents lots of relief from pain, stress, and inflammation. For users who don’t want to feel high at all, you can choose one of our 10:1 or 20:1 CBD hybrids that barely have any THC content.

The Best Hybrids To Grow

The range of cannabis strains on the market is only getting bigger with time, but we hope that the information presented here will help make the choice easier as far as which hybrid strain is right for you. There is no “best” strain that is perfect for every consumer since human’s needs and desires can vary so greatly. Generally, before you invest in a large order of Wholesale Hybrid Marijuana Seeds Online, it would be wise to do some market research and make sure that strain will be well-received in your area. With that being said if you pick up a classic hybrid like Blueberry Kush or White Widow and do a good job growing it, you can expect it to sell out quickly.

Without a doubt, the best hybrid cannabis seeds available online are available here at America’s favorite 420 Seed Bank. Coming up with a decent hybrid definition is the easy part, and even though growing can at times be tricky we are here to have your back. With a helpful catalogue of growing tips and frequently asked questions, Weed Seeds USA is your one-stop-shop for getting home growers and commercial cultivators a steady supply of premium hybrid marijuana seeds.

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