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Buy feminized seeds online! Home growers choose to grow their own marijuana for a variety of reasons. However, one doesn’t simply head to the store to pick up seeds and plant them in the ground. Growing cannabis requires individuals to learn the intricacies of this craft and how to produce the best yield. Fortunately, Weed Seeds USA is always available to help customers choose the right items to purchase and offer advice on how to produce the highest yield. Don’t hesitate to contact the staff by calling 1-844-807-1234 or sending an email to ok@cannibus.ninja. We are always adding to our online library of how to grow feminized seed articles. Many growers ask about feminized seeds, so following provides an overview of these seeds and their benefits. After reading, growers should have a better understanding of growing feminized cannabis plants.

What Are Feminized Seeds?

Novice growers often wonder what feminized cannabis seeds are and why they would want to buy them. Cannabis plants come in both female and male versions. However, only the female plant produces marijuana ideal for smoking. For this reason, growers now purposely breed cannabis plants to ensure no males are produced. This allows for each and every plant to grow up to its full potential and contribute to the overall yield of the crop.

Cannabis has both male and female versions, which makes it a dioecious plant.  Under some circumstances, a single plant may develop both sex organs and pollinate itself. This would be referred to as Monoecious (translates to ‘single house’) or more commonly a hermaphrodite. In this arrangement, an individual plant could even present as one sex and produce flowers of the opposite sex.

This happens at times when the plant receives exposure to an outside stressor. The female plant pollinates itself because it believes it lacks the time needed to reproduce or it might not have a male plant nearby for pollination. Following the biological laws of natural selection, the plant’s programmed priority is to pass on its genes to the future generation of weed plants. This mutation can be triggered by a variety of different environmental changes such as change in the light cycle, fluctuations in the temperature, or physical damage to the plant.

Environmental Stressors & Feminized Seeds

The ability of the plant to react to environmental stressors in this manner makes it ideal for creating feminized varieties. As we will explore further on, this is the exact method that is used to make the seeds. Feminized seed cultivators chemically “trick” the plant into becoming stressed, causing the female flowering plant to focus on making seeds in a hurry. Because they come from a female plant (XX), there is no way for any male genetic information (Y chromosome) to be passed on.

When the female 420 cannabis seeds first appeared on the market, they tended to be unreliable. However, improvements have been made over the years so this is no longer an issue. When a person purchases a feminized seed for sale, they know it will produce the desired results. Using feminized seeds takes any guesswork out of the growing process. Growers won’t need to plant additional crops knowing they would be required to weed out any male plants. Now, they purchase feminized seeds for sale, skip the unnecessary middle steps, and grow with more confidence.

How Are Feminized Seeds Made?

Breeders create feminized wholesale seeds by stressing female plants to trigger a stress response known as hermaphroditism. When this response occurs, the female plant produces pollen sacs, which the breeder then takes and uses to fertilize a separate female plant. No male chromosomes enter into the process, so every plant produced is female.

Two methods induce the stress response in plants. Most growers spray the plant with colloidal silver or gibberellic acid. The microscopic silver particles and water, when combined, stop ethylene production in the plant, and this hormone is involved in the flowering process. When sprayed with this solution, the female plant begins bearing pollen sacs used to pollinate other female plants.

Rhodelization and Feminized Seed Creation

The other method used is rhodelization, but most growers choose not to use it because it takes more time, is less efficient, and isn’t very reliable. With this method, growers avoid harvesting buds after they bloom which forces the plant to become a hermaphrodite. While this process does produce mostly female seeds, growers must know the chances of it being a hermie are high even without the triggers. That’s the last thing any seed cultivator wants to do – produce a batch of hermaphrodite seeds.

How Do Feminized Seeds Work?

Growers the world over cultivate cannabis, and these plants must thrive in diverse conditions. Breeders recognized this and started looking for ways to increase the yield without a great deal of time and effort on the grower’s part. This led to the creation of feminized seeds US. As the seeds eliminate male plants, growers find they boost their output without added work on their part. Individuals who tried growing their own marijuana in the past and gave up because of the work involved may wish to try their hand at this activity again. There is no need for a grower to ask “how to tell if it’s a female seed or if a male seed has been obtained” any longer.

What are the Benefits of Growing Feminized vs Un-Sexed Seeds?

When you purchase un-sexed seeds, multiple seeds must be grown to obtain enough female seeds to produce the desired crop. The male plants need to be weeded out or there is a risk of pollination of the crop when the males are left in place too long. This takes time the grower might not want to invest, or they may lack the time needed to weed out the male plants. However, if the male plants remain in place, the crop might be seedy, and no grower wants this. When flowers are the main objective, buying feminized seeds for sale online makes sense.

Nevertheless, growers looking to create seeds for future crops cannot go this route. Feminized plans may be cloned but will not produce additional seeds. Only un-sexed seeds may be used to produce more seeds and to breed. The grower gains access to the full genetics of the plants. Microbrewery type growers spend a great deal of time focusing on the genetics of the seeds and might wish to buy un-sexed seeds as a result.

Feminized Seeds: Increase Your Production When You Buy Online

However, a grower could wish to purchase feminized marijuana seeds to boost their production of flowers within a specific time period. Flowers appear on the majority of seeds that germinate. These flowers may then be processed for use in extracts and other products or consumed using the preferred method, whether it be smoking, vaping, edibles, or other means.

What Types of Feminized Seeds Are There?

When it comes to feminized seeds, growers find they have numerous options. For instance, one person might choose feminized chronic seeds while another only purchased feminized wholesale seeds. The chronic seeds benefit those in need of medical marijuana with high THC while the wholesale seeds are ideal for those who will be reselling their product. Feminized CBD seeds are another option a person might wish to consider, as CBD doesn’t come with the psychoactive effects witnessed with THC-based products. However, don’t overlook other types, such as feminized 420 seeds and feminized 710 seeds. If growing to produce concentrates, you may be interested in our high terpene seeds and 30% THC seeds to get you the best flavor and yield.

Top 10 Feminized Seeds USA

Those new to feminized cannabis seeds wonder which strains they should purchase. Certain products remain popular with consumers the world over. The following are ten strains you may wish to try.

Buy Feminized Amnesia Haze Strain Online

Created by an American expatriate, Amnesia Haze is a strain known for the psychedelic head high it produces. Indoor growers turn to this strain when they desire a high yield, although this plant does come with a long flowering time.

Buy Feminized Girl Scout Cookies Strain Online

Abbreviated GSC, this is a California-bred hybrid that brings together OG Kush Sativa with Durban Poison Indica to create an amazing strain that resists pests, frost, and mold. Beginner growers love that the plant handles colder climates and fluctuating temperatures with ease. If you are searching for a feminized ruderalis strain, look no further than this one.

Buy Feminized Gorilla Glue #4 Strain Online

GG#4 is a pretty balanced strain in terms of sativa vs indica, also providing a heavy yield. Growers love that it flowers in seven to nine weeks, and users appreciate the feeling of happiness and euphoria it produces. In fact, this strain was a 2014 Cannabis Cup Winner.

Buy Feminized Northern Lights Fem Online

This one remains a favorite with growers who prefer feminized strains and it’s easy to see why. Eleven different varieties of marijuana seeds come together in this blend, and the Sativa heritage is clearly evident in the long and thin leaves of the plant.

Buy Feminized OG Kush Strain Online

OG combines the best of the Sativa and Indica strains and is ideal for those growing marijuana for pain relief. Users report they feel happy and relaxed after using this strain, and it treats a range of conditions. Growers love that it only takes nine weeks for this plant to flower.

Buy Feminized Pink Cookies Strain Online

This is a pure Indica strain, which offers a THC level of 20 percent on average. CBD levels in this pot strain remain low, and plant flavors range from sweet and earthy to spicy and herbal. Users report they feel everything from aroused and creative to relaxed and talkative with the use of this strain.

Buy Feminized Sour Diesel Strain Online

Sour Diesel thrives in warm climates and may be cultivated indoors. The aromatic, pungent strain brings together sour, herbal, and chemical flavors, and growers appreciate the extensive yield seen with this variety. The quality isn’t sacrificed for quantity in this situation which they are also certain to love.

Buy Feminised Super Silver Haze Strain Online

These feminized seeds come from a cross between Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk. A strain that is Sativa dominant, Super Silver Haze won first place three times in the Cannabis Cup and provides an incredible body high and energizing uplift. Users find they obtain long-term relief from their stress and chronic pain with use of this strain.

Buy Feminised Wedding Cake Strain Online

Wedding Cake combines Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie to create a strain that offers a dessert-like taste and smell. This strain, an Indica dominant one, provides users with a sense of calm and is ideal for those suffering from MS, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and depression.

Buy Feminised White Widow Strain Online

This classic strain originated in the Netherlands and is a hybrid of an Indian Indica hybrid and a Brazilian pure Sativa. Growers the world over love this strain, one that is great for beginners as well as indoor and outdoor growers. Expect high levels of THC and tons of trichomes that literally glisten on the surface of the buds.

How To Buy Feminized Seeds Online

Growers often choose to buy feminized seeds online as this allows for the best selection. Purchasing seeds over the internet offers a convenient means of obtaining the products you desire, and there is no need to leave the home. After reading our customer reviews and speaking to our friendly and knowledgeable staff, you will be counted among the loyal weed-seed.com shoppers that keep coming back to us year after year.

When you buy feminized pot seeds online from us, your order will be processed as fast as possible and sent out in small discreet packaging. While you wait for your seeds to arrive in the mail, this is a perfect time to cram in some last-minute research on the best tips for growing feminized weed. If have any questions or experience any delays or frustrations with your order, please reach out to our team by email with your information at ok@cannibus.ninja.

Sadly, some providers today don’t prioritize customer care, especially after the sale has been made, and this leads to frustration on the part of the buyer. Research companies carefully before making a purchase to ensure customer care remains available before, during, and after the sale.

We provide a very user-friendly online ordering platform where you can browse the entire selection of feminized marijuana seeds, and then add whatever quantity to your cart that you desire or require. Growers can choose to buy packs of three seeds all the way up to orders of 1000+ wholesale feminized seeds. The choice is also up to you as far as which payment method you are more comfortable with.

Compare Our Feminized Seeds For Sale

Before making any purchase, growers need to know exactly what is available to them. With many varieties of seeds to choose from today, growers must make certain they don’t overlook a new strain that might be exactly what they want and need when it comes to their current crop. Look for a provider that offers a wide range of products, so you don’t have to visit multiple vendors each time you want to make a purchase or expand your growing choices.

Price obviously plays a role when a person purchases feminized seeds for sale. Growers don’t want to spend more than they have to when growing a crop, but discount prices often mean discount services or low-quality products. Keep this in mind as you are comparing seeds and providers to obtain the best products and services available today.

Customer service needs to be considered at this time. Growers want to know they have somewhere to turn when a problem arises. When you are ready to buy US feminized seeds, turn to Weed Seeds USA as we are ready to help you in any way we can. We recognize it is our customers who got us where we are today, and we appreciate it. This shows in everything we do, so check us out. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to talk with us. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and we’ll do whatever is necessary to ensure this is the case.

Why You Should Buy Feminized Seeds

If you still have reservations about feminized seeds, simply take the time to review the benefits to see if they are the right choice for you. With this option, growers obtain all female plants that develop high-quality buds. These seeds eliminate the need to check the plants daily to remove male plants before they have the opportunity to pollinate the female plants, and the full growing space can be dedicated to female plants. As a result, growers find the entire growing process becomes streamlined. Time, space, effort, and resources are saved by going this route, and beginners find it very easy to produce an abundant crop.

Order feminized seeds and allow the plants to thrive. When an all-female crop is grown, the plants devote their energy to producing highly potent, dense buds that are overflowing with cannabinoids. Additionally, feminized wholesale seeds save you money. You aren’t purchasing seeds and investing time and money in plants that must be weeded out before they can harm the crop. As you are already spending money on items you need to grow a cannabis crop when first starting out, like lights and nutrients, any savings you achieve are appreciated.

Now that you are familiar with USA feminized seeds, head over to Weeds Seeds USA to pick the strains you wish to try. While browsing the site, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call 1-844-807-1234 or email the staff via ok@cannibus.ninja. Staff members want to ensure you get the right product for your needs and will help you in making this decision. Visit the site today so you can start growing your own cannabis in the shortest time possible.

Common Misspellings, Versions & Abbreviations

When a person goes to purchase feminized cannabis seeds, they may be referred to by other names. Buyers need to recognize these names and know they are talking about the same product even though a different term is used. What names should a person be looking for at this time?

Some sites use the term feminised which is nothing more than a different spelling of the same word. The origin of the site determines which spelling is used, as some countries use the letter ‘z’ in words and others use the letter ‘s’. British English and American English differ in terms of how the word sounds when pronounced, which is why the spelling is different although the meaning is the same. Buyers simply need to know that they will be purchasing the same product regardless of the spelling. For instance, feminized ganja seeds and feminised ganja seeds are one and the same, and the spelling simply gives a clue as to the location of the supplier.

Other names one might see when searching for feminized seeds USA include female, fem, and feminine seeds. Again, all refer to the same product, and the same holds true for those seeds listed as sexed seeds or femme seeds. Certain sites also use abbreviations such as ‘f’ or fem when describing their products. Don’t let the name deter you. If there are any questions as to what the product is simply ask the staff. They’ll be more than happy to help you find what you want to buy.

Interesting Facts About Feminized Seeds

  • Breeders didn’t start creating feminized cannabis seeds until the 1980s. Although the technique was well known in the agriculture industry prior to that time, it wasn’t adapted for use with cannabis until that decade. One concern raised when the feminized weed seeds were first introduced was whether the plants would produce hermaphrodites that weren’t stable. Fortunately, these fears turned out to be mostly groundless, and the problem has been almost completely eliminated.
  • While breeders use different methods when creating these feminized marijuana seeds, certain things remain the same. Every method stresses the female plant to make it a hermaphrodite. The plant then produces pollen which the breeder uses for fertilization of another female plant.
  • Although people refer to the product of feminized seeds as female plants, they technically aren’t according to current scientific definitions. The proper term for the plants produced by the feminized seeds is feminized plants. Many people use the terms interchangeably because the female and feminized plants grow and flower the same way.
  • When the feminized pot seeds first hit the market, numerous growers discovered they couldn’t benefit from the seeds as they remained too expensive. Over time, breeders found a way to bring costs down, allowing more growers to gain access to high-quality, affordable cannabis seeds that are feminized.
  • Growers new to feminized seeds often assume the seeds require specific growing conditions, along with special equipment, nutrients, and techniques. Nothing is further from the truth, as the seeds are grown just as non-feminized seeds are. Additionally, feminized cannabis seeds can be stored along with regular seeds, as both need to be kept in a dry, dark place, one where the temperature remains between 41- and 45-degrees Fahrenheit. Quite a few growers choose to store the seeds in the refrigerator on the door. The better option would be a cool cupboard or at the back or the fridge so that the temperature isn’t fluctuating up and down all the time.
  • Feminized American seeds aren’t genetically engineered as many people believe. Cannabis hybrids are genetically modified which means they have been created using selective breeding techniques that might also occur in nature. In contrast, genetic engineering involves the infusion of DNA from one species into another species. Cannabis breeders have yet to try this with their seeds, and only genetic modifications made through crossing and back-crossing have been made at this time.

Place Your Feminized Seed Order Online Or By Phone TODAY

Weed Seeds USA offers potent and guaranteed feminized seeds for growing in the US. Choose from Candy Kush, White Widow, Bruce Banner, and others. Our feminized seeds will make growing easy to learn and maximize yields for experienced growers. Order your fem seeds today at 1-844-807-1234.

The Future Of Feminized Seeds USA

The legalization and decriminalization of marijuana throughout the USA have accelerated the demand for marijuana seeds and Weed Seeds is filling that need with impressive results. Many driving forces are having an impact on the cannabis marketplace and the demand for feminized cannabis seeds USA has never been stronger. Innovative breeding techniques and research and development into the benefits of cannabis have changed the marijuana landscape. The traditional way of growing weed still exists, but those who are new to cultivating and lack experience, now have feminized seeds to make the process of growing dank weed much easier. Growing stellar flowers is not as simple as it seems but one of the easiest methods of growing chronic cannabis is by using feminized seeds. Commercial cannabis cultivars rely on feminized seeds to streamline production and produce top-shelf nugs. The females are prized for their elevated THC and CBD content and planting feminized cannabis seeds is the best way to get the potent buds that you find in medical and recreational stores. When you buy cheap feminized seeds USA from Weed Seeds you will have a harvest that is as good as the buds you pay big bucks for in a dispensary, but you did not have to break the bank for your homegrown stash.

Are Feminized Seeds Hermaphroditic?

If you want to know how to feminize seeds, there are some innovative methods that breeders use. One technique they use is to douse female plants with colloidal silver or a silver thiosulphate solution. This process removes the plants’ natural production of the hormone responsible for the flowering or fruiting of the plant. Inflicting this type of stress on the plant encourages the female plant to produce pollen sacks. Breeders use the pollen produced on a female plant to pollinate other female plants of the same strain and the resulting seeds are almost always female!

Spotting a hermaphrodite weed plant is difficult until you learn to differentiate the male from female marijuana plants but if you simply use feminized seeds, you should not have to worry about pesky males. However, if you plant regular seeds, you could end up with 50 percent male plants. Male plants generally show the first signs of pollen sacs 1-2 weeks before the female plant shows its first signs of white hairs. An experienced cultivator will remove males when they spot the first signs of pollen sacs. It can be a waste of time and energy caring for plants that you will eventually get rid of. If you have been wondering how to make feminized seeds, there are different methods used but some of the techniques may produce seeds that turn hermie on you. Hermies can be caused by many things, such as bad genetics, high stress, high temperatures, light leaks, inconsistent lighting schedules, as well as other types of major stress. If you want to avoid hermies, be sure to buy award winning feminized strains from Weed Seeds to produce high-potency marijuana.

Why Choose Feminized Weed Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are specifically bred to produce only female plants. Known for producing buds that are satisfying to smoke, a feminized seed will create a plant you can brag about. There will be no shortages of THC and CBD in your homegrown buds if you choose feminized weed seeds. Back in the day when old-school cultivators used traditional methods to sprout female plants, it was hit and miss. There was no way to tell if they were going to get a batch full of males or females. Ideally, you want as many female marijuana plants in your garden as possible so that you can produce consistently high-quality weed. Seed feminization implements pollination techniques that put the odds of sprouting female plants back in your favor. Ensuring that your crop is full of potent females consistently is something that most growers strive for. If you go with regular seeds, you will invest your time and effort into the plants and will have to wait until it shows which sex it is. It could be disheartening to grow it for a couple of months and then realize you got a male and all of your hard work was for some buds that are duds. Beginners should consider purchasing feminized cannabis seeds from Weed Seeds because they are pretty much guaranteed to produce a female plant with potent buds.

Where To Grow Feminized Seeds

A horticulturist or botany degree comes in handy if you want to grow some dank weed but it is not required. You just need some guidance to get started and get efficient growth and the flowers you desire. If you choose to grow an outdoor garden, it is important to know that soil lies at the foundation of growing so make sure you have healthy nutrient appropriate soil for your plants. There are many soil recipes available but generally, if it is good enough to grow your vegetables in, it should help your cannabis to thrive. It is smart to order feminized seeds not only from a time, cost, and resource point of view but also because of the restrictions placed on the number of plants you are legally permitted to grow. Depending on the state you live in you could be limited to just a few plants. If this is the case, check out cannabis seeds and start with feminized cannabis seeds to make the most efficient use of your grow space whether it is inside or outdoors.

Things To Consider When Growing Feminized Seeds Outdoors

Pot is one of the world’s oldest crops and has been grown outside for hundreds of years. Marijuana plants tend to grow bigger and stronger outdoors and the sun’s natural light spectrum produces more cannabinoids and terpenes which contribute to the plant’s flavor and potency. An outdoor garden is cheaper and simpler to set up than an indoor grow room. When growing indoors there is the added cost of electricity, but you can grow your plants almost entirely for free outdoors. If you want to be the master of your organically grown backyard bud you will need to do a bit of research on strains and their genetics. Some weed seeds are better suited for hot and humid climates and if you live in the northern hemisphere you may not have the Mediterranean climate required for some feminized ganja seeds to flourish. There are plenty of seed strains that are more adaptive to cooler climates and in states where you can freely grow an alfresco garden, such as Colorado, you will find some excellent choices at feminized seeds Colorado. Each adult is allowed to cultivate up to six plants per parcel of land in Colorado so with plant restrictions it makes sense to plant feminized seeds to optimize your harvest.

Things To Consider When Growing Feminized Seeds Indoors

In some states, cultivating marijuana is illegal so an indoor grow-op may be required to avoid the authorities. You are in control of the environmental conditions with a grow room, so it is up to you to adjust ambient conditions for a particular strain or stage of growth. When considering your personal cannabis grow it is important to create a suitable space for your crop. Your bedroom closet, pantry, spare room, or a corner in your basement can be utilized, but you will need to select equipment and plants that will fit into the grow room. If you have height limitations, growing a lanky and tall indica strain may pose problems. Other things to consider are lighting, temperature, air circulation, CO2 levels, and humidity. It is possible to grow marijuana indoors just as proficiently as you would outside if you provide your plants a great environment. If you are concerned about the security of your cannabis crop, keep in mind that it is a lot safer from theft or discovery by the authorities if you grow it inside.

Optimal Lighting Conditions For Feminized Strain Seeds.

The quality of light in your grow room is the most important environmental factor to consider, so go for the best lighting setup you can afford. Nothing can beat natural sunlight but not everyone has an outdoor space to grow feminized pot seeds. Greenhouse grow lights for cannabis will have very different functions than grow lights for indoor cannabis cultivation. Excess light can damage your cannabis plants as much as too little light. Artificial light sources including HID, CFL, and LED are used regularly for indoor cannabis cultivation. Some advanced growers will use a combination of grow lamps. With a bit of research, you can determine the optimal lighting conditions you require for the feminized seeds sale transaction you completed with confidence at Weed Seeds.

What Yields Can I Expect From My Feminized Seeds?

As long as you follow a few simple guidelines and give your plants some TLC you should reap a great harvest. Every strain provides a unique yield, so the exact quantities will depend on the strain you end up choosing. When you plant feminize seeds you can relax, knowing that your plants will have female genetics and will produce cannabinoid-rich flowers that deliver the effects you want. Cannabis appreciates a great growing environment and if you keep your plants happy you will be harvesting some dank weed in no time. Many medical marijuana patients are switching to feminized seeds because they want to be guaranteed they will have an all-natural antioxidant-rich mixture of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids that will deliver the therapeutic benefits they need to live their best life. Excellent for appetite stimulation as well as great as a sleeping aid, the Bruce Banner strain is a tall indica that has a quick turnaround time from seed to harvest and delivers large yields. If you require feminized medical seeds look no further than Weed Seeds for the best selection of high-quality seeds for your healing herb garden.

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How much do feminized seeds cost to order online?

More often than not, issues with males showing up in the garden relates to hermaphrodites. Certain stressors trigger this behavior and force the females to act like males and need to be removed. A rule of thumb is that if one plant in a group of plants turns out to be a hermaphrodite, it could be an issue with the seed. If on the other hand, its the whole batch or several plants then likely its an environmental response to stressors. Don’t worry, it happens, pull the rooster out of the hen house and keep on clucking.

Can anyone in the USA order feminized seeds ?

More often than not, issues with males showing up in the garden relates to hermaphrodites. Certain stressors trigger this behavior and force the females to act like males and need to be removed. A rule of thumb is that if one plant in a group of plants turns out to be a hermaphrodite, it could be an issue with the seed. If on the other hand, its the whole batch or several plants then likely its an environmental response to stressors. Don’t worry, it happens, pull the rooster out of the hen house and keep on clucking.

Are feminized seeds ever male ?

More often than not, issues with males showing up in the garden relates to hermaphrodites. Certain stressors trigger this behavior and force the females to act like males and need to be removed. A rule of thumb is that if one plant in a group of plants turns out to be a hermaphrodite, it could be an issue with the seed. If on the other hand, its the whole batch or several plants then likely its an environmental response to stressors. Don’t worry, it happens, pull the rooster out of the hen house and keep on clucking.

Are feminized seeds legal in the Usa ?

More often than not, issues with males showing up in the garden relates to hermaphrodites. Certain stressors trigger this behavior and force the females to act like males and need to be removed. A rule of thumb is that if one plant in a group of plants turns out to be a hermaphrodite, it could be an issue with the seed. If on the other hand, its the whole batch or several plants then likely its an environmental response to stressors. Don’t worry, it happens, pull the rooster out of the hen house and keep on clucking.

How are feminized seeds made ?

More often than not, issues with males showing up in the garden relates to hermaphrodites. Certain stressors trigger this behavior and force the females to act like males and need to be removed. A rule of thumb is that if one plant in a group of plants turns out to be a hermaphrodite, it could be an issue with the seed. If on the other hand, its the whole batch or several plants then likely its an environmental response to stressors. Don’t worry, it happens, pull the rooster out of the hen house and keep on clucking.

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