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Looking to buy chronic seeds online? We know that there are a TON of sellers out there. And you know you want to secure the very best seed strains for your home or commercial grow room. But who can be trusted to deliver what you need reliably and at the best price?

We’d like to recommend that you order chronic seeds online from cannibus.ninja. This is the website of Weed Seeds USA where you can find every type of high-THC chronic seeds.

To help those who are bewildered by all the misinformation out there, below you will find a comprehensive guide on how to choose and buy chronic seeds online.

What Are Chronic Seeds?

People today mostly use the word “chronic” (sometimes abbreviated “chron”) as a generic term for pot – particularly high-quality/high-potency marijuana. But did you know that chronic is also sold as a particular strain of cannabis? This delicately-scented type has been noted for more of an energizing effect on most users, according to data on leafly.

How are Chronic Seeds Made?

All marijuana plants – whether they are medicinal or recreational use – are developed in one of two ways. The first way is to take a huge volume of seeds, all of one particular strain, plant them, and monitor their growth. A plant(s) with the highest yield and highest THC concentrations will be chosen to serve as the basis for a cloning procedure. In this way, from that plant, other plants will eventually be harvested, each plant being genetically identical to the original.

The other way to grow chronic is something you might do in your own home: take two different plants (a male and female plant) and allow them to reproduce. As is usual with plant life, the “male” plant produces pollen from its stamen, and when that comes into contact with the female plant part (called the stigma) it begins to develop a cache of seeds.

As the seeds mature within the female plant, they will eventually fall out of the plant, and the female plant itself will die – its purpose in life, reproduction, being fulfilled in its life cycle. Those developed weed seeds can then be sold for growing at home. Those seeds can also be used to manufacture essential seed oil or even for different types of food. The one caveat here to remember is that while it is fun and exciting to grow your own chronic seeds, you cannot grow both seeds and buds in the same operation. Even tracking pollen on your clothing in between different rooms within the same grow op can be too risky and one bit of cross-pollination can seed out your entire room of AAAA flower.

What Types of Chronic Seeds Are There?

When thinking about chronic seeds, a distinction needs to be made between medicinal chronic seeds, which are used where the plant will be used as a medical treatment and recreational chronic seeds, where the plants are used for their mental and psychological effect (getting “high”).

Medicinal chronic seeds are commonly developed specifically to contain higher levels of CBD (Cannabidiol), whereas recreational chronic seeds tend to be high in THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Both CBD and THC are just two out of over 100 chemical substances called cannabinoids, which are found in marijuana. A major source of low THC cannabis are plants used in the production of hemp (traditionally used to produce ropes, specialty paper and clothing, and even foods!). As pot with low levels of THC won’t get you “high,” other varieties must be selected for cultivation as recreational chronic seeds.

Beyond recreational vs medicinal seeds, the biological families of the cannabis plant are broken up in to three main components, which each developed in different parts of the world and all have very different appearances and different classical effects on the user.

Buy Indica Chronic Seeds Online

One of the most common ways to group pot is to place a particular variety along a continuum depending on its perceived effect by the user. Chronic strain seeds that are placed under the Indica type will produce a “laid-back,” calming, and relaxing effect when smoked or ingested. For this reason, this sub-group of cannabis has acquired the slang satirical term of “in-da-couch”, as it usually hits users with a strong couch-lock feeling.

Buy Sativa Chronic Seeds Online

At the opposite end of the spectrum are chronic strains of marijuana that fall into the Sativa grouping. The Sativa type of marijuana, when smoked or ingested, will produce feelings of mental stimulation and physical refreshment. This type is often used by writers and artists and can often be found at parties, where it can lift the mood of everyone present.

Buy Ruderalis Chronic Seeds Online

Another type you may have heard of is Ruderalis – specifically Cannabis Ruderalis. While this type of chronic seed is not grown to be smoked itself (due to very low THC concentrations), this variety is valued due to its auto-flowering ability.

Typical pot plants do not begin to flower outside until the autumn season is about to begin, however, autoflower cannabis seeds will begin to show flowers after 20-30 days of growth and can be harvested from chronic seeds from around 70-100+ days after first planting, making possible multiple harvests in a single growing year.

Ruderalis is often mated with other pot varieties that have a higher THC concentration, producing a hybrid that will flower as soon as it has reached maturity.

Now that you’ve chosen which subgroup of cannabis sounds like the right match for your needs, these can be further divided by different types of seeds that grow in slightly different ways.

Buy Regular Chronic Seeds Online

These will contain a mixture of seeds from both the male and female plants. As only the female seeds will produce the flowers that you will want, you will, after planting them, have to watch them carefully as they grow, and you will have to identify and remove the male plants before they have a chance to fertilize the females.

Buy Feminized Chronic Seeds Online

Feminized chronic seeds are exactly that – pot seeds that come only from a female plant. This is important because only the female pot plant has the flowers that are used for recreational smoking. When seeds of the feminized type are planted, the resulting crop will be female and not male, so 100% of the crop can be harvested. This is accomplished by casing stress to the female plant, just enough so that it develops its own pollen to self-reproduce. This evolutionary protection mechanism guarantees also that there is no male genetic material present.

Buy Autoflowering Chronic Seeds Online

As noted in the paragraphs above, auto-flowering plants do not flower out in response to the changing amount of light that they receive, but flower when they reach a certain maturity level. With regular seeds, to get them to flower you need to make a change in the amount of sunlight they are receiving, mimicking fall conditions. Autoflowering chronic seeds, however, just go ahead and do their stuff!

Top 10 Chronic Seeds in the USA

While no list can be truly exhaustive, and personal preferences will vary, below is a list of our all-time best American chronic seeds:

Purple Haze Chronic Seed

Let’s begin with what is probably considered the classic USA chronic seeds strain. Purple Haze is a beautiful-looking plant that was generated from the Oldtimers Haze and Purple Thai varieties. Named for the famous Hendrix song, chronic seeds grown into plants are widely used to treat serious chronic medical conditions such as PTSD, stress, migraines, and depression.

Do Si Dos Chronic Seed

Similar to the parent plant OGKB, Do-Si-Dos is an indica-dominant hybrid. This GSC phenotype offers lime green and lavender leaves and provides a cornucopia for the eyes. Additionally, users will find it offers a strong, sweet, earthy fragrance with just a dab of floral overtones. Expect some relaxation with these chronic seeds US, as it tends to offer sedative effects.

Trainwreck Chronic Seed

Another hybrid strain that we love is Trainwreck. Mexican and Thai (which are Sativa varieties) have been crossbred with Afghani, an Indica strain, to improve harvest amounts. The THC range is also very good (15%-20%). People using this variety will feel very relaxed, so it is often used by those suffering from chronic pain.

Gorilla Glue Chronic Seed

Another recommendation for your chronic seed bank is Gorilla Glue. Named for the silvery color of its flowers (think silverback Gorilla folks), it can grow up to 3 feet tall and has a THC range in the neighborhood of upper 20’s. Yielding an impressive 21 oz. per plant when grown outdoors, it grows best in dry and warm conditions. It has a high resistance to disease and is an excellent choice as an ingredient in your favorite edible.

Bruce Banner (Autoflower)

A strain we have just discovered is known as Bruce Banner. If you are wanting to blow up your cerebral cortex, this is for you. Chronic seeds are now available, grown from OG Kush (an Indica type) and Strawberry Diesel (a Sativa hybrid). Bruce Banner chronic seeds are so named after the famous movie and comic book character whose alter-ego was the Hulk because this strain produces monster-like buds filled with high levels of THC in the 20-28% range.

Northern Lights Chronic Seed

If you are suffering from stress, depression, and various types of pain, then you need a strain of cannabis seeds that is high in Indica characteristics. Northern Lights can give you some of the relief you have been looking for. The draw of this hybrid is the comfortable sleep that accompanies it, assisting those who are in pain or are suffering from stress. The wholesale chronic seeds are expected to flower in 45-50 days of indoor growing.

White Widow Chronic Seed

Known all over the world, White Widow is a hybrid out of the Netherlands Gaining its name from the white buds, White Widow offers a potent effect to users of euphoria and energy. It’s a fantastic stimulant for those looking for help in creativity or even conversation starters. Growers can expect this desired formula to flower in approximately 90 days of inside growing.

White Amnesia Chronic Seed

If you are looking for a real mind-sharpener, this variety of chronic seeds will produce feminine buds that rates very highly as a Sativa type (around 70%). This type is a product of breeding the classic White Widow with Amnesia Haze and burns with a piney or herbal aroma. The THC range has been clocked in at 18-22%, making it a good choice if you live where it is mostly sunny and warm, but you occasionally have cold snaps. This chronic seed variety is called “white” because the little hairs (Trichomes) can take on a white appearance due to the resin that accumulates there.

Oregon Underdawg Chronic Seed

This variety of marijuana is a triple-threat: bred from not two, but three varieties – Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Oregon Afghani. It is dominantly Indica, has a 24% THC range, and has a sweet flavor in the opinion of many. You will need to grow these chronic seeds carefully because it can develop mold. This is a variety of choices for those who prefer the hydroponic (grown in water solution) method. This variety needs lots of light (around 20 hours a day is best) and will grow to develop large buds. Indoors, Oregon Underdawg will flower in about 8 or 9 weeks. As with most pot varieties, it favors a warm and sunny environment. If you are looking to just chill with some friends, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Wedding Cake Chronic Seed

To round out our “top-10” list, we would be remiss if we did not mention Wedding Cake. Wedding Cake is said to produce an uplifting indica-dominant hybrid strain. It’s well-loved because of the relaxing and amazing euphoric effects. According to experts, Wedding cake tastes rich and tangy with earthy and peppery flavors. As a phenotype of Triangle Mints, it is often referred to as Pink Cookies as well. A great 21% THC range will get you feeling great rather quickly with a mental high you are sure to enjoy over and over again.

How to Buy Chronic Seeds Online? Here Are Some Do’s and Don’ts

If you are looking to buy chronic seeds online, you want to do it the right way. Here are some tips and recommendations to help you find the best pot seeds at the best prices.

Stay Away From Scams and Shady Operators. As in any other area of commerce, there are great sources – and also some “opportunities” that you should stay away from. For example, an unsolicited email from a company or individual wanting you to order chronic seeds that you have never heard from should instantly raise a red flag in your mind. Ditto for those who message you on Facebook or some other social media channel – think about it: would a legit offer come to you in that way?

We prefer national distributors. Sure, you could buy your chronic seeds at your local outlet – but do you know the conditions under which the product was grown? Are you REALLY interested in buying a bag that has been handled by customer after customer? How exactly do you know that the product advertised/sold is what you are actually getting? By dealing with an online pot seeds distributor, especially those with an established presence in the marketplace, you can be assured of consistent quality of the product every time you buy. So, don’t be afraid to order chronic seeds online, just be sure they’re from a legitimate source.

What Are the Masses Saying? Another critical reason to use a national distributor for buying chronic seeds for sale online is that you can check out their reputation with others. Read those reviews carefully. What you want to know is their level of customer satisfaction. Did they find the marijuana seeds to be high-quality? Has quality control been lax lately? Were there problems in receiving their orders in a timely fashion? Were customer complaints resolved to their satisfaction? Is their pricing fair?

What About Refunds or Returns? What is your distributor’s policy when it comes to refunds or returns? Under what circumstances, exactly, will a refund be granted? If your seeds arrive in bad condition or are damaged, can it be returned for another shipment? Carefully read the company TOS (Terms of Service) page BEFORE you place your first order.

Contact Info. What you don’t want to see on a pot seed distributor website is no real contact information, just only a contact form submission page. Again, carefully investigate – if the company can’t give you a telephone number, email address or physical address, you would be advised to shop somewhere else. Legit companies will usually have some sort of “about us” page where they will tell you about the founders of the business, their business mission, and goals. Some bio information – even pictures – can reassure you that you are dealing with a reputable firm.

Check That Shipment When You Receive It! With all the firms offering chronic seeds for sale, it can be hard to decide on what distributor to use. But of course, it all comes down to this: did you get what you paid for? That is why, when your pot seeds order arrives, you need to carefully inspect those seeds before they go into the ground:

Immature seeds will usually have a white or green appearance. Normally, pot seeds will have a dark coloration, sometimes with spotting or striping.

Good quality pot seeds should have no noticeable damage to the outer shell. Healthy chronic seeds have a hard, solid shell that is fully intact. There should be no cracks, and check for holes as that can indicate damage from insects. If you apply light pressure to the seed and it cracks up, the seed is worthless to you.

Which Chronic Seed Variety Should I Purchase?

This is perhaps the most difficult question to answer because individuals vary so much. Here are some thoughts to guide you.

What Type of Grower Are you?

Some varieties of cbd chronic seeds can be a challenge to grow. They may require conditions that you cannot easily duplicate (such as needing very warm temperatures) without special equipment. Some varieties have to be carefully pruned or monitored for pests or mold. If you are a newbie, stay away from varieties that are high-maintenance, at least until you have the experience (and if necessary, the equipment and location) to tackle other pot varieties that are more challenging to raise to harvest.

What is Your Budget?

Strains of pot seeds can vary widely in price, from strain to strain, and from vendor to vendor. Keep in mind that you want the biggest bang for your buck – the best quality harvest, in the largest possible quantity, for the money you can spend. For example, feminized strains cost more, but if you purchase regular pot seeds, you may end up throwing away up to 50% of your harvest as you will need to discard the male plants completely.

Where Will You Grow Your Chronic Seeds?

Your basic options are to grow your seeds indoors or outdoors. While lighting conditions are easier to control indoors, you must consider the needs of your chronic strain cannabis as well. For example, if you try to grow varieties of marijuana that get really large, you might not have room to accommodate them if your grow room is on the small side. On the other hand, if you grow your weed outside, controlling how much sunlight they receive can be difficult, not to mention maintaining the proper water levels, and keeping destructive insects, pets, and nosey neighbors out of the environment. For further information on how to Buy Chronic Seeds Online from Weed Seeds USA, contact them at 1-844-807-1234.

Common Misspellings, Versions and Abbreviations

It’s not uncommon to have difficulty finding your favorite chronic strain marijuana when it can go by numerous names or abbreviations. Consider the below to help you find the us chronic seeds you really want.

White Widow is also referred to as White Rhino when mixed with an unknown indica strain.

Oregon Underdawg is commonly misspelled as Oregon Underdog

Do-Si-Dos needs the hyphen when searching, so make sure you don’t just put do si do or do si does.

Trainwreck is one word, so when searching, don’t use two as in Train Wreck.

Gorilla Glue has several aliases—GG4, Original Glue and Gorilla Glue #4

420 and 710 chronic seeds are one and the same. They’re just synonyms for marijuana.

Whether you are a newbie or experienced grower, you will find our staff easy to work with and they will always strive to please you, our valued customer, with every order. We have an unbelievable depth of inventory – and we maintain strict controls over the entire process, from seed germination, growth, harvesting, to final packaging and shipping. Why not call, email, or visit our website today?

Interesting Facts About Chronic Seeds

There is actually a hybrid strain of chronic seeds USA called Chronic, and lovers of this version consider it the quintessential weed.

There are two types of chronic seeds: male and female. Only the female produces the buds everyone loves, but the flower of the female plant must be pollinated by a male plant.

A cannabis plant will flower when the amount of light they are exposed to is rationed to 12 hours. This imitates the sun falling in the sky as summer fades to autumn.

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What Does Chronic Weed Do To You?

Anytime you light up chronic weed and bring the sweet, pleasurable cannabinoids into your system a few basic things happen. These natural chemicals will make their way to your brain via your bloodstream before reaching the rest of your body. The most prevalent and powerful component of marijuana is THC and it is largely responsible for the high that you will experience. When you smoke marijuana, you are providing yourself with the fastest way for the active ingredients to get into your bloodstream. They enter your lungs and are quickly transported to your brain. When you consume edible marijuana, your blood will absorb the THC in your stomach at a much slower rate. Once the THC typically reaches your brain, you will be hit with a relaxing and mellow feeling. The relaxing and mellow feeling starts in the brain and gradually turns into a physical relaxation throughout your body.

How To Grow Chronic Cannabis

Anyone who knows how to grow good chronic weed will tell you there are a few steps that must be followed to obtain stellar results. The most important step in the process is finding high-quality, premium cannabis seeds from a reputable online seed bank like Weed Seeds. A superb seed is essential to all future growing success. Weed Seeds has the finest genetics the market has to offer. After sourcing your chronic seeds, you want to make sure you germinate them properly. Once they are germinated you want to get them into their medium as fast as possible. Many growers have had success with soil and soilless gardens. Keeping a stable environment is vital when growing marijuana. Paying close attention to your plants is also imperative to their success. Use high quality nutrients to give them that boost and allow them to produce robust and sizeable yields.

How To Grow Chronic Marijuana Indoors

There are many benefits to growing chronic marijuana indoors. While it may be more resource-intensive than outdoor growing, you get to control every facet of the environment and what goes into your plant. When growing indoors you can grow regardless of the season. This can produce some of the highest quality chronic available. Let your plants get as big as you desire, trigger them to flower, cure your yield, and get started again right away. Be sure to get your chronic THC seeds from a reliable seed bank like Weed Seeds before you embark on your marijuana journey.

Choosing a place to grow your cannabis is going to be your first step. Even if you live in a small place growing weed indoors is no problem. In the beginning, you might want to start small, perhaps in a closet because it is easier to monitor a small number of plans and limit mistakes. Once your space is set up you will want to think about what lighting source you will go with. Are you going to choose high-intensity discharge lights, which are very popular among experienced Growers? Having said that, fluorescent lights are very popular among smaller hobby growers. They are cost-efficient and do not require a cooling system. For your plants to thrive you will need to provide ample opportunities for photosynthesis. An exhaust fan will do the trick. Since you will most likely not be spending the majority of your time with your plants, consider automating the climate controls and lighting systems. Growing indoors allows you to utilize different media to grow your plants. Two of the most popular are old-fashioned soil and rockwool slabs in fancy hydroponic trays. When it comes time to pick a container remember that drainage is key as chronic plants can be very sensitive to waterlogged conditions. When you want to grow potent chronic weed, your flowers will need fertilizer and nutrients. Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are the three primary nutrients for your plants.  Many first-timers choose fertilized organic mixes. Lastly, choose your water wisely. Even though you may be able to drink it, some locations have water that contains dissolved minerals that can be harmful to your plants. For this reason, many experienced cultivators like to filter the water they use in their marijuana gardens.

How To Grow Chronic Pot Outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors is a great option for many growers. It is far more cost-effective than growing indoors but forces you to be limited to the local weather and seasons. When growing pot outside the sky’s the limit in terms of yield size. The vast space outdoors allows your plants to reach soaring heights. If you ask any green thumb, tending to your garden outside can be downright therapeutic in addition to being environmentally friendly.

When starting an outdoor marijuana garden, it is important to know the climate you will be growing in. Temperature ranges between 55-85℉ are optimal for many strains. Strong winds and torrential downpours can cause physical damage to cannabis plants which will limit your yields and cause mold and mildew to rear their ugly heads more often. When choosing your outdoor growing site keep in mind how much sunlight is available. Wind, security, and privacy also need to be considered. While there are many different types of soil available, first-time Growers should stick to high-quality potting soil that is going to have the nutrients you need to get the most out of your first grow. Another great option for outdoor growers is putting the soil into containers and skipping the laborious task of digging holes and amending soil altogether. Containers are also portable and can be placed on patios, rooftops, decks, and many other spots that allow them to be easily concealed. The one downside to this is that plants grown in pots are likely to be smaller because their roots will be restricted in size. Once your plants are good and growing be sure to give them the nutrients they need. You can go with easy-to-use and inexpensive fertilizers or look for organic fertilizers such as blood meal, wood ash, Epsom salts, dolomite lime, and bone meal. These all are superb options for the macronutrients and micronutrients that your plants deserve.

Effects of Chronic Weed

If you ask any chronic weed smoker about the first time they enjoyed Mary Jane, they will no doubt reflect on positive memories about the finest weed chronic effects. Many will reminisce about the incredible euphoria that comes over them bringing wave after wave of cerebral and physical relaxation. A toke of chronic can bring an amusement level that is often unparalleled. Everything seems to be funnier and you can look on the bright side of life. Many people are going to note the intense creativity that they feel brewing in their bodies. Some of the finest works of art may have been created with the performance-enhancing effects of chronic weed. Others are going to touch upon their heightened senses and notice things they have never noticed before. But if you ask anyone who has smoked marijuana for any length of time, they are likely to mention the intense munchy effect. Brownies, cookies, chips, sandwiches, even vegetables have never looked so appetizing. Marijuana can intensely stimulate your appetite and allow you to enjoy food and otherworldly levels.

Are There Long Term Effects Of Ganja Use?

Many people often wonder what does cannabis do to you long term. Any substance that is taken for a long duration of time can have effects on you. Some adverse effects of being a ganja glutton may be an increased risk of neck, lung, and head cancers. Others may be a lack of motivation, respiratory issues, lower sperm counts, short-term memory issues, and attentional focus issues. Some positive long-term effects are increased quality of life thanks to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties in weed. Many users find that cannabis is a mood enhancer and helps them deal with depression or anxiety, allowing them to function at their best day in and day out.

Is Weed Bad For You?

When you have tried many other things and you want to get medical marijuana for chronic back pain you might not be concerned if weed is bad for you. The term bad is always going to be relative. Marijuana is natural and its holistic plant-based compounds have far fewer negative side effects than pharmaceutical options that are often pushed for a variety of ailments. If you have tried medical treatments to manage pain such as pain-blocking injections or pills but still suffer from what ails you, medicinal weed could be the elixir you need to get into the just right zone.

Can You Overdose On Chronic?

While some chronic winning strains are so potent that you must assume they could lead to overdose, this question is widely debated and relatively unanswered. In general, medical professionals are unable at this point to determine if marijuana was a contributing factor or the cause of significant health events. According to the CDC fatal overdose of marijuana is unlikely. The most common form of ingestion is smoking, and this renders it very difficult to over-consume to the point of overdose. Of course, common sense should always apply so if you are new to marijuana, take it slow and find your tolerance level to avoid any negative side effects.

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Buy Chronic Seeds Online FAQs

How much do chronic seeds cost in the Usa ?

Chronic seeds range from $20 each to the lowest price of $7 from Weed Seeds USA.

How can I buy chronic seeds online ?

Buying chronic seeds online starts by visiting Weed Seeds USA and selecting your favorite strain to add to your cart. Simply check out using your credit card or other payment options. You will receive tracking information as its available and your package ships discretely. Check your mailbox or stoop for the package on delivery day and you are off to the races. Happy Harvesting.

Are Chronic seeds the same as cannabis seeds ?

Yes, chronic seeds and cannabis seeds are the same.

Are Chronic seeds the same as marijuana seeds ?

Yes, marijuana seeds are the same as chronic seeds.

Are Chronic Seeds legal to buy in the Usa ?

Yes, when sold as adult novelty items, chronic seeds can be sold online. Please germinate with care and only when permitted by state laws.

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