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As marijuana becomes legal in more areas around the world, an ever-growing number of people are thinking about cultivating their own stockpiles. While dispensaries offer a wide range of THC and CBD products, growing your own cannabis at homes opens the door to virtually limitless possibilities. Of course, high-quality American seeds are the key to every successful marijuana garden.

At Weed Seeds USA, we provide a vast selection of American seeds for sale. Each seed in our inventory is carefully selected for its superiority and various medicinal and recreational properties. We also consider a number of other factors, such as genetic diversity, climatic tolerances, and flowering times among other traits. When you’re ready to order American seeds online, our selection and quality can’t be outmatched.

What Are American Seeds?

American cannabis seeds come from marijuana strains that are native to the United States. Though it’s possible to grow virtually any strain of weed in America, not all of them originated on this continent. Before we delve any further into this particular range of seeds, it’s important to discuss the different types of marijuana available today.

Indica Seed Strains

Indica plants are generally on the shorter side, and they tend to have a bit of a triangular shape. Leaves are usually larger near the bases of the plants and grow smaller the further upward they go. Plants in this category often have faster growth cycles, so they’re great for cooler climates with shorter growing seasons.

Indicas tend to affect the body more so than the mind. Because of their traditionally high CBD levels, many Indica strains offer sedating effects. They’re often used for pain relief and relaxation as well as treatment of insomnia, anxiety, muscle spasms, and seizures. Indicas are usually the prime choice for medicinal American seeds.

Sativa Seed Strains

Sativa plants are much taller and skinnier than Indicas. They have long, narrow leaves that grow farther apart as well. Indica plants usually tolerate higher levels of heat and humidity than Indica varieties because they’re native to the more tropical regions of America.

Most Sativa strains have higher levels of THC, so they generate the infamous high many people are interested in. They create euphoric, cerebral effects when consumed. This makes them an optimal choice for recreational American seeds.

Ruderalis Seed Strains

Ruderalis plants are typically short with small leaves and sparse branches. They’re not technically indigenous to America. Instead, they come from certain regions of Asia, Europe, and Russia. Ruderalis plants grow wild in these areas and can thrive in harsh conditions. They’re especially suited to areas with short growing seasons because of their natural adaptations to short days and little sunlight.

For the most part, Ruderalis has higher levels of CBD than THC. Still, these strains are much less potent than Indica and Sativa. Because of this, they’re not the most highly sought-after options on the market. That being said, they have a very special trait that makes them popular for creating hybrids.

Rather than flowering based on season, sunlight, and additional conditions like other strains, Ruderalis plants flower according to their age. This means they mature more quickly than other strains. As such, combining their DNA with other types of marijuana creates USA pot seeds that have the desired traits of Indica, Sativa, or both and transition rapidly from the vegetative to flowering stages.

Those are the three basic strains of marijuana. Countless hybrids containing the genetics of any or all of these strains have come into play as well. Some naturally evolved via cross-pollination whereas others have been purposely created to offer more diverse medicinal and recreational properties. Scientists and at-home growers alike will continue to develop more custom varieties over time as well.

How Are American Seeds Made?

In nature, American four-twenty seeds are made just like those of many other types of plants. Marijuana plants can be either male or female. Male plants produce pollen whereas females grow flowers. When the flowers are fertilized by pollen from the male plants, they develop into seeds. It’s also fair to mention some cannabis plants have both male and female parts, so they can pollinate themselves. They’re known as hermaphroditic plants.

Seeds contain genetic traits of both the female and male parent plants. Those that come from hermaphroditic plants contain the DNA of only one parent. Bulk ganja seeds in the USA are either the product of various American strains or those from the United States as well as other countries.

Digging Deeper into the Making of Cannabis Seeds

Now that we’ve covered the basic biology lesson on the making of American weed seeds, we can delve into the more intricate side of the matter. We also have the knowledge and technology to intervene and give Mother Nature a helping hand. This is where hybrids enter the mix.

Many at-home marijuana gardeners make their own hybrid varieties. They find a couple of strains they prefer because of their tastes, aromas, and effects, and they allow male and female plants of those strains to mingle. In turn, the resulting seeds have a chance of producing plants that offer the best of both worlds.

It’s important to understand that this is basically a hit-and-miss situation. Plants created using this technique may have the desired traits of both plants or only one of them. On the other hand, they may result in a weed strain that offers none of the attributes the grower was hoping for.

When hybrids are created in a lab under carefully controlled conditions, the odds of producing satisfactory results are greatly increased. Breeders choose the strains they want to combine and allow them to cross-pollinate. Some of the resulting US seeds grow into desirable offspring while others aren’t quite so advantageous.

Breeders weed out the unwanted offspring and breed the suitable ones with the parent plants to strengthen their characteristics. This process usually goes on for at least three generations to stabilize the traits of the newly created strain.

What Types of American Seeds Are There?

When it comes to the different strains of marijuana, there are hundreds of varieties of American cannabis seeds on the market right now. By the time we covered each strain in detail, an entirely new list would’ve probably come to light, and the cycle would continue endlessly. We can, however, explain the three main types of weed seeds.

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular USA American seeds are the ones created by allowing male and female marijuana plants to reproduce as nature intended. They can grow into either male or female plants that carry the genetic traits of their parents. Some say you can tell whether a seed will produce a male or female plant by its shape or color or where its taproot sprouts during germination. Others insist that’s just nonsense.

Growers often shy away from regular seeds because of all the work and uncertainty involved in the growing process. Once the plants begin maturing, you have to determine which ones are male and which are female. If you want the lush, potent buds so many growers hope for, you then have to separate the male plants from the females before they have a chance to pollinate them. If you’re a little late, you’ll end up with more regular seeds rather than buds.

Feminized American Seeds

Feminized American seeds work a bit differently than regular ones. They’re created by growing female plants in less-than-optimal conditions. This places excess stress on the plants, causing them to develop male organs and produce their own pollen to increase their species’ chances of survival. The pollen from the female plants that were forced to become hermaphroditic is then used to pollinate other female plants. Seeds from those plants lack male chromosomes, so they can only grow into female plants.

Many growers prefer feminized bulk American seeds because they take the guesswork out of the growing process. When you know your seeds will grow into female plants, you don’t have to watch them quite as carefully as they mature to remove the males from the mix and prevent pollination. Of course, if you want to produce seeds rather than buds, feminized seeds aren’t the right option.

Autoflowering American Seeds

We touched upon the subject of growing seasons and flowering stages earlier, but now, we’ll explore the matter further. Indica and Sativa strains have very distinct life cycles known as photoperiods. This means they instinctually watch for certain cues from nature to determine how they should grow and when they should mature.

Gardeners usually plant their crops in early spring after the final frost of the season whether they’re cultivating corn, squash, or ganja seeds. The growing season comes at different times in various areas across the globe, but it begins as the Earth starts to tilt toward the sun. Days begin to grow longer and warmer, and sunlight from the blue end of the color spectrum filters down to the young plants peeking out from the soil.

Summertime’s 18-hour days and ample blue sunlight tell Sativa and Indica plants that it’s time to grow taller, branch out, and make the most of their vegetative states. They spend those days drawing in nutrients, converting them into energy, and preparing themselves for bud production.

As the Earth begins to tilt away from the sun during late summer, daylight fades from 18 hours to around 12. Blue light from the sun transitions to red and orange, and temperatures slowly begin to drop. This indicates to the plants that it’s time to enter the flowering phase and produce those big, beautiful buds. From start to finish, the process can take anywhere from four to eight months depending on the strain.

Autoflowering marijuana seeds operate on an entirely different wavelength. Since they’re bred with Ruderalis, they don’t wait for signs from Mother Nature. They’re accustomed to short growing seasons with few long, hot days and little blue sunlight to draw from. As such, they automatically begin flowering when they’re only a few weeks old. Some can go from the seedling stage to harvest in as little as three months. Autoflowering American wholesale seeds are the way to go if you need a speedier harvest.

Stacking the Seed-Growing Deck

All those details revolve around cultivating a cannabis garden outdoors under completely natural conditions. It’s also possible to speed up the growing process of American seeds US by altering their growing conditions. This can be done in several ways.

For one, you can grow your weed indoors under grow lights. This gives you complete control over the growing conditions. You can force-feed the plants 18 hours of artificial blue light for a few weeks and switch over to 12 hours of red and orange light much sooner than Mother Nature would do so. As a result, the plants will begin flowering earlier because they think winter is coming.

If you prefer to grow outdoors, you can use a similar process. Build a greenhouse or a makeshift shelter around the plants. Once they’re a few weeks old, start covering them after 12 hours of daylight with a dark material that will allow them to breathe without letting light shine through. Again, they’ll think the growing season is drawing to a close and begin producing buds early.

These are only a couple of options for speeding up the growing process. Some take a great deal more time and effort than others. If you’re looking for an early harvest or multiple harvests per year, though, they’re well worth the extra work.

Top 10 American Seeds USA

If you’re ready to order American seeds, numerous choices are at your disposal. Before making your final decision, consider the flavor and aroma profiles you’re looking for, whether you’re using cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, and what you hope to get out of the experience.

With all the options available, though, it may still be a difficult decision. This list of the current top favorites may give you a good place to start.

American Haze Seed

Those who need help with pain, depression, and stress may be interested in American Haze Fem. These feminized seeds grow into Sativa-dominant plants that produce buds with a sweet, spicy punch of THC.

AK 47 Seed

If you’re looking for a euphoric, cerebral high to take the edge off of a stressful day, AK 47 Fem may be the best choice. Its earthy, sweet, sour flavor combination and high THC content can ease depression, anxiety, stress, and nausea.

Zkittlez Seed

This variety gives you the speedy harvest of an autoflowering variety as well as the relaxing effects of an Indica-dominant strain. It offers a cerebral experience while melting away inflammation and stress with its sweet, fruity essence.

Girl Scout Cookies Seed

With equal amounts of THC and CBD, Auto Girl Scout Cookies Fem provides a balanced, well-rounded experience. Its sweet, minty, fruity flavor helps ease pain and anxiety while providing relief from insomnia and ADHD.

Bruce Banner Seed

With mood-enhancing and sedating properties, Bruce Banner Fast Fem can help tame your inner Hulk. Since it begins flowering in as little as eight weeks, you won’t have to wait long for a bountiful harvest of sweet, floral, fruity buds.

Gelato Seed

Gelato Fem’s gorgeous, sparkly, purplish buds are a delight to all your senses. Its sweet, citrusy flavor with undertones of lavender gives you an intellectual boost while heightening your mood and creativity. It’s also great for anxiety, pain, inflammation, and depression.

3 Kings OG Seed

As a high-THC strain, 3 Kings OG offers a wide range of possible health benefits. These include relief from migraines, chronic pain, inflammation, and cramps. It also aids in reducing the effects of anxiety, depression, stress, and fatigue with pleasant earthy, pine flavors.

Northern Lights Seed

Sweet, spicy flavors and aromas permeate the senses with Northern Lights Fast Fem. Though some people experience heightened creativity and concentration with this strain, others find it brings a nice, relaxing end to even the most stressful day.

Critical Purple Seed

With a sweet, fruity, woody taste and smell, Critical Purple offers all the relaxing effects people have come to expect from an Indica. It’s often helpful for combating insomnia, stress, and anxiety but can reduce certain types of pain as well.

Badazz Rolex Seed

Some cannabis strains give you a mixed bag of benefits, and Badazz Rolex falls into this category. You’ll enjoy an herbal flavor and aroma mixed with hints of berries while experiencing an enhanced mood and heightened creativity. At the same time, it can help alleviate inflammation and promote relaxation.

These are 10 of the most popular bulk seeds in the United States of America as well as around the globe. Each one has its own unique flavor and aroma profile along with a distinct range of effects. If none of these catch your eye, feel free to browse the rest of our selection to see all the other options you have to choose from.

How to Buy American Seeds Online

To buy American seeds online, begin by browsing our selection. At Weed Seeds USA, we have a massive assortment of seeds to choose from. Find your favorite strains or pick out a few new ones to experiment with. Also, feel free to give us a call at 1-844-807-1234 or email us at ok@cannibus.ninja if you have any questions. One of our friendly, knowledgeable team members will be happy to help.

Common Weed Seed Misspellings, Versions and Abbreviations

Over the years since cannabis made its way into the mainstream, quite a few different names for this herb and its coveted pot-seeds have crept into existence. From the original spelling, “marihuana” and its transition to “marijuana” as we know it today, dozens of nicknames have arisen. Mary Jane is among the more obvious ones because of the preferred post-1930s spelling. If you’re looking for potte or buds, you might also hear it called Broccoli, Chronic, Hay, Burrito, and Reefer to name a few.

In some cases, people combine the words pot and seeds to create the term potseeds. They’re sometimes called Grain as well, which is actually an accurate description. Hemp seeds have become a popular grain because of their taste, high protein content, and other potential health benefits. Of course, if you want to add potseed to your diet, the varieties available on grocery store shelves would be the better choice.

At the same time, your journey to the perfect strains for at-home growing might lead you to pot seede. In such a case, the resulting plants may be listed as pott rather than cannabis or, simply, pot in certain instances. These aren’t exactly widely accepted variations, but they could certainly show up from time to time.

Interesting Facts about American Seeds

Marijuana is an interesting plant no matter which way you look at it. The fact that a plant can come in so many varieties and offer such a wide range of benefits is, in itself, a miracle. Numerous other interesting facts revolve around US American seeds as well, though.

  • Cannabis grows wild almost everywhere on the planet. Antarctica is the one exception to the rule. Although Ruderalis strains are hardy, even they can’t survive the harsh, subfreezing climate of the Earth’s southernmost continent.
  • Marijuana seeds can last for quite some time as long as they’re not exposed to light, heat, and moisture or infested with mold. That’s why it’s important to buy seeds from a trusted American seed bank and protect them well until you’re ready to germinate them.
  • Almost every part of the hemp plant can be used for various purposes. It can be transformed into clothing, medicinal CBD oil, construction materials, rope, automotive parts, and fuel to name a few. Whether you’re wearing it or using it to battle depression, it’s one of the most versatile products on the planet.
  • THC and CBD, the two main cannabinoids, come with their own natural cast of supporting characters known as terpenes. These chemicals determine the flavors and aromas of each strain. Quite a few studies show that terpenes actually increase the effectiveness of THC and CBD as well.
  • Bulk CBD seeds were must-haves for early American settlers. In some colonies, residents were required to cultivate hemp on their family farms. It was then used for currency as well as creating numerous useful items. In the Virginia colony, those who didn’t farm hemp had to pay penalties.
  • Reports of marijuana being used medicinally date back almost 5,000 years. In ancient China, it was described as a popular, effective, versatile, and well-balanced natural remedy. Egyptians began using strains of cannabis native to their region for treating glaucoma and inflammation more than 3,200 years ago.
  • Purchasing marijuana seeds is legal in many areas, even those where purchasing, selling, and using cannabis is illegal. They’re generally considered nothing more than harmless novelty items or souvenirs. If you plan to transport bulk 710 seeds into other countries, though, you may be in for a major disappointment.

Marijuana plants can produce buds with varying levels of THC and CBD even if they’re identical strains and come from the same parents. Being sure to buy American seeds of the highest possible quality from a reliable source guarantees better consistency.

  • With the right tools and techniques, it’s possible to control the shape and growth patterns of your cannabis plants and increase the numbers of buds they produce. This takes a great deal of time, patience, practice, and care, though.
  • Reported global marijuana sales surpassed $24 billion last year. Within the next four years, they’re expected to reach more than $63 billion at the current rate of increase. This figure could eclipse the estimate by a considerable margin if more areas legalize cannabis during the years to come.

Place Your American Seed Order Online Or By Phone TODAY

Choose Weed Seeds USA for great quality American seeds. Choose from American Haze, Gelato, Zkittles, and others. We even sell wholesale seeds for large scale growers in the US. Place your order today by calling 1-844-807-1234.

American seed banks

In search of a reliable North American seed bank? Many seed banks are serving up some great genetics, making the quest for reliability in a flooded market feel overwhelming. When you want quality USA seeds, set to deliver quality weed, Weed Seeds USA is your answer.

Since the early days of breeding and cultivation, people have been trading seeds but it was not until recently that municipalities started placing restrictions on the number of seeds one is allowed to possess. It is because of these types of restrictions that it is so important to stick with trusted genetics any time you are lucky enough to find them.

We house some of the most genetically reliable seeds available in North America and they are all grown right here at home, under our nation’s flag. We strive to serve our country the best way we know how by providing reliable seeds, shipped securely and discreetly, all over the continent. We are just a few clicks away and are always happy to help in any way we can.

How to Germinate American Marijuana Seeds

There is nothing more exciting when beginning a new grow than that first moment that bean breaks the soil. Most growers have a preferred germination method but if you are going to direct-sow your seeds, your best bet for an American seed potting soil for weed is to use a basic sterilized starter mix and just add a few drops of water. Until the first two weeks are up, marijuana only requires basic trace elements in order to learn how to grow. This method can be utilized with rockwool quite well, for those who are into DWC.

Another method of germination, popular among American cannabis consumers, is the overnight soak. Put some pure, r/o, or rainwater in a small glass and drop your seeds in. Chances are that they will float at first, and that’s okay. By the time morning comes, most, if not all of them should have hit the bottom. Within a few hours of this, the casing will crack and the beginnings of a taproot will be exposed. Carefully lift your seeds from the water and place them in soil, or on a paper-towel to finish-off.

Some cultivators choose to use the moist paper towel method to germinate their seeds. Moisten a piece of paper towel and place your seeds on top of it. Fold the towel lightly over the seeds, store in a dark place and maintain moisture until you see the taproot extend. Place the newly sprouting seeds root-down in your medium and add just enough water to moisten the surrounding soil.

It is important to allow your soil to become on the drier side of moist before watering again. This assists the roots in a couple of ways. They have to search a bit for water and nutrients, strengthening along the way, and overwatered roots become deprived of oxygen and die, and marijuana is highly vulnerable to overwatering.

Storing American Cannabis Seeds

With home growing regulations where they are in this country and abroad, we sometimes receive more seeds than we are allowed to plant. Others like to maintain a healthy collection of seeds either in an attempt to protect killer strains or because collecting seeds is their thing. No matter how you slice it, you will have to store seeds at some point in time.

Storing seeds is simple. All you have to do is keep them sealed and protected, and kept in a cool, dark, and dry place. Some put their seeds in film canisters in a black bag in the fridge. People have been storing them this way for generations. The main point is that you keep the light, temperature, and humidity out of the equation.

Ensure that whatever you have chosen to keep them in is clean and that you have a dedicated space in which to store your seeds. You may be tempted to peruse your collection now and then, but this is not recommended, because every exposure to warmth and humidity will generate risk and degradation. For this reason, it pays to label your seed canisters or packaging so you can take your pick without the risk of setting them off.

How Long Can You Store Pot Seeds?

The best American weed seed banks know how to store our seeds, so you never have to worry about their viability when they arrive. But once you have your seeds, how do you maintain their viability over time? How do you keep seeds for subsequent grows while the tent, room, or garden is full of flowers?

Though cases have been reported where a marijuana seed has been successfully germinated after more than ten years of storage, five years is a general rule. After the five-year mark, cannabis seeds begin to degrade at an exponential rate, so the answer is to keep them cool and keep them dry. A bonus of no light does not hurt, as exposure to UV degrades seeds the same way it degrades cannabinoid potency during the drying, curing, and storage processes.

Treat your seeds in this manner and they will keep for pretty much as long as you need them to. To learn more about our preservation processes, give us a call or drop us a line and we will be happy to discuss what we do for our magic beans.

Why American Ganja Seeds are Better

Tired of searching for American weed seed banks only to come up with names from the UK, the Netherlands, or somewhere in Europe? Have you been wanting a seed bank that represents the quality this country can produce? Have you been stuck trying to find reliable American medicinal cannabis seeds, but are still settling for dispensary weed? Weed Seeds USA is an Oklahoma-based, commercial producer and distributor of the finest home-grown seeds available in the country.

Because these beans are grown at home, on U.S. soil, they are part of a long history of bud breeding in America. California, Colorado, and Washington State have all been at the forefront of creating some dominating strains over the years. Strains such as DJ Short Blueberry, Northern Lights #5, Skunk #1, and the Haze family were all born here, making new American beans a part of a globally impressive ancestry.

Our beans also keep the money at home. In times like these, all countries need all the internal help they can get and we are here for U.S. cannabis cultivators who love America.

How Much are American Marijuana Seeds?

Okay, so you have found the right American weed seeds for sale and now it’s time to pay. A quality marijuana seed is considered to be an expensive little thing in many circles. That ten or twenty bucks you spent will feel like a heck of a deal come harvest time, especially if you are using energy-efficient LED lights in your grow room.

Aside from real money, the price for growing a seed includes time, research, patience, and dedication. Time is necessary to allow your seeds the life-cycle they were meant to have. Marijuana takes time to grow but clones are a quick way to speed things along in a Sea of Green (SOG) grow. This is where multiple plants are grown at the same time and lightly stressed to expand their canopy. Research is necessary to get the most out of your horticultural experience. Patience and dedication must be present so that you do not allow yourself to get bent out of shape when a slight issue arises.

Overall, marijuana costs more than money, but what we do spend is rewarded handsomely when we realize a gorgeous finished product, grown from an American seed, right here at home.

Growing American Pot Seeds

Americans have every right to be proud. Vast immigration and fortitude have driven the development of this country and, over time, we have become a diverse and beautiful nation, full of possibility and potential. We at Weed Seeds look at our homegrown seeds the same way.

But purchasing your pick of our top-quality American-based weed seeds online is just the beginning of your cultivation journey. As exciting as picking up your package of peas from the mailbox can be, to germinate them successfully and parent them for the duration can be one of the most rewarding gardening experiences one can have. This is especially true for our medicinal friends who grow their own weed because they want a healthy medication that is not going to cause unwanted side effects over time.

For those who like to make extracts or enjoy a rippin’ 420, our high THC American marijuana seeds cannot be beaten. Call or click today and let us help make your pipe dreams come true.

Grow American Ganja Seeds Outdoor

If you live in the right climate and enjoy the perfect weather for growing weed au naturel, then you should know that we house an impressive variety of award winning American seed strains. Though these landrace and F1 strains may have originated elsewhere, these peas are 100% American homegrown from American phenotypes and are ready to be delivered to happy citizens all across the nation.

The feeling of growing organically, outdoors, contributing to the life-cycles of our environments cannot be oversold, nor can the satisfaction be overestimated. When you want to grow a great strain, perfectly suited to an alfresco environment, trust Weed Seeds USA to get you there.

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FAQs about Buying American Seeds Online

How much do American seeds cost ?

American seeds on cannibus.ninja cost $7 each unless they are on sale. Other websites range in price from about $4 to $25 each. If you are looking for particular phenotypes then the price can be $50 or $75 a seed for specialty american seeds.

How can I buy American Seeds in the USA ?

Simply go to cannibus.ninja or another website online and search for your favorite strains. Then checkout and pay for your order and have them shipped discretely. We recommend paying with credit card or zelle !

Are American Seeds actually produced in the USA?

This is a great question. If you want feminized seeds, likely you will have to settle for American Genetics that were produced in Europe. If you want natural or regular marijuana seeds then you can find producers in the USA. If you want feminized autoflower then you will definitely need to settle for European seeds with USA origins.

Do American Seeds have THC ?

Yes, most American seeds have over 0.3% THC.

Are American seeds also cannabis and marijuana seeds ?

Yes, generally speaking when someone is talking about American seeds they are referring to cannabis and / or marijuana seeds. This also includes weed seeds, pot seeds, ganja seeds, chronic seeds and other seed that is native to the USA.

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